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    Hey all-
    Good to be back, even if I'll do a lot of lurking. The FM/CFS has gotten worse in recent months, with my hips becoming painful, morning stiffness, the legs almost constantly hurting...And Darvocet was my painkiller of choice...I think the doc will move me to Lortab or something, maybe I'll ask about muscle relaxers, I wonder if they work better?
    Does anyone have any thoughts about long trips? Hubby and I are taking a month-long train trip in June, while I still can, and I expect the walking and sitting will do its thing on me; I just told him, I need to be able to rest often, and I hope I'll be fine.

    Thanks all! Hang in there!
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    Hi Sirfoo!
    I have been off the boards for 5 long years and it's soooooo good to be back! I was at that time, (5 years ago) off of work for 6 months after having a cervical disc replacement and fusion. I had plenty of free time and just happened to stumble on this website looking up Fibro and CFS which I have had for about 12 years! I enjoyed it so much and even made a friend who lived in Tennesee. We started on the message boards then chat and eventually to the Yahoo messenger where we could talk for real! It was great for finally I had someone besides my sis who also has Fibro to talk to. My friend and her hubby even came to visit us in Reno, NV. where we live! Well, 1 day about 2 month's after her and hubby came to visit she just dissapeared! Her phones were all disconnected and email accounts too. She NEVER contacted me again! It's been about 3 and a half years since we lost contact but I still miss her. That is why I left this website cause it was just too hard losing her like that. She and I were like "best friends" and promised to never lose contact!

    Anywho, sorry for rambling when I really came to reply to you and possibly help. I am so sorry to hear that your FM/CFS has gotten worse and that your hips are so painful. The morning stiffness is really hard too, I know. I am on Lortab/Vicodin and it is the only painkiller that really works well for me. I have tried almost everything on the market and they always made my fatigue worse and gave me insomnia! Well, since the Vicodin I have been able to keep my parttime job and to function enough to at least do light housekeeping, cook dinner sometimes and even go out on the weekends for a few hours or more! We even have our 5-year old grandson every other weekend from Sat. late morning until Sun. after lunch! He is "the light of my life" and a constant joy!

    Unfortunetly I have only been able to take short trips to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco for 2-3 days without the fibro and fatigue really bothering me. It usually takes me 2-3 days to recuperate from each trip esp. cause I don't sleep enough and overdo it. If I could learn to not overdo it I would probably sleep better thus the FM/CFS would'nt get as bad! The problem is that I want to have fun and not miss a thing on these trips,lol! My advice is to go on the Lortab at least a week before you go on your trip so it has time to work well and to rest often and don't overdue it! I know, easier said than done but 1 month is a LONG time for those of us who have these DD's! Take it from me,last time I went on a long vacation was my honeymoon 9 years ago and that was before I got really sick. I have just learned something from writing to you, I know that a long trip IS possible if you take care of yourself properly and get plenty of rest!!

    Oh, and as far as the muscle relaxers go I take Zanaflex occasionally and it really helps the bad muscle pain almost go away. The trick is to take it when you just start feeling like the pain is going to worsen or you are on a trip to help you sleep better which also helps the awful morning stiffness! It sounds like you also have a very supportive hubby as do I!
    Thank God for them!! :)

    Nice to meet you and I hope to see you on the board again soon!
    Good luck and God bless, Julie

    Sorry this was so long!
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    Hi Sirfoo!

    Just checking in on you, wondering if you changed your meds and if it helped! I hope that you are feeling well enough to look forward to going on your trip in June! Like I said in previous reply the Lortab and Zanaflex really have helped me esp.. with the leg pain and when on a short trip.

    I look forward to hearing how you're doing, Hugs, Julie (Earthdog)
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