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    Please take notes during our time together. They can be brief, but should be enough to remind you of what's going on. Please include the following:

    1. A brief summary of symptoms and timeline in which they began. Because when you keep asking me again and again, you allow less and less time for this. And pretty soon half the symptoms are missing. And if you want to know what has changed, maybe we can review the list and I can tell you.

    2. The medications I am currently on. The medications you stopped and why you stopped them, so you don't give them to me again.

    3. If you order tests, make a list of which tests you ordered. When the tests come back, compare them to the list and have staff find the ones that are missing. Then, tell me the results of all the tests, without me listing every one to you first. Chances are you didn't even tell me what the tests are.

    4. If you ask me to come back in four weeks, make a note of why you asked. Don't expect me to explain to you why you asked me to come back. Chances are, you didn't tell me everything.

    5. If there is something you said we should look into later, make a note of it and act on it when we get to "later."

    6. Before beginning a new session, review the notes and tests. Have them in your mind when we speak. There is no point in taking notes, ordering tests, or me even giving information if it is ignored during the next appointment.

    Also, I would appreciate it if you double-checked medication and other things related to my problem. If you think some patients will be turned off because you refer to books for information, simply say "I'll be back right back" and go look up whatever you need. And, if you think I need a test the insurance doesn't cover, explain this to me. Maybe I can borrow the money and get it on my own. And if I do need something and the insurance does cover, order it.
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    Hi Prickles. Yes, I wrote those. Also, I just edited my post and added number six. I hope the new one does not seem facetious. I did not intend it to be. I am having big problems with many doctors who don't bother to check my file before they begin the appointment.

    Interesting, I went to a doctor last week who began the appointment by reading his notes (from the previous appointment) out loud. This way we were both on the same page, he could see if he really understood his notes as he read them, and I could correct anything that was not clear. Then we went on from there.

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