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    I know I might be wrong with this idea, but I keep feeling this.

    If the life pattern was already designed by God (and it seems it cannot be altered), you can onlyt pray to God to soothe your hard feeling (emotional or physical), if you're lucky. Life events CANNOT be changed. I think this might be an answer to explain the difficult situations:
    Severe sickness
    Miserable marriage
    Christian hostages got killed
    Natural disaster
    Bad family relationship

    You can only pray to have a short moment of relief. Don't expect the event will be dissapeared. Because it's the final product. Imagine you see a tall a building, can the civil engineer make a decision to remove some of the middle storeys after the building was built?

    I don't know if I can feel better to come to this conclusion. But I keep feeling hurtful and disappointed when I expect to get some help but nothing happen.
    So I just pray to soothe my feeling. Just the feeling.
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    i dont know wy all of the time any more maybe than you do, but i do know this. jesus always does.
    i had a son 29 years old who was married and had 2 little boys. he was a big strong lad and worked so hard , supported thm well. everyone loved him. he was very close to me. i have 4 other children, but rob was special somehow. very deep.he and his wife got saved and were going to church regularly. they always took the boys along. they were 2 and 3 years old and he loved them so.

    he had a very small mole on his foot and asked me to look at it as it had become crustlike. i told him to go to the dr right away and he did so. it was malignant melanoma.

    it spread so fast from his foot to his leg. he begged them to amputate his leg so that he could still be there for his sons. but they said it was much too early to even think about that. by the next month, it had moved to the lymph glands in his groin

    then it was too late. after the lymph glands are poisioned it is just a mater of time with this type of cancer.

    well his wife became a screaming witch! talked awful to him . wouldnt let him sleep in his bed. just was awful.

    she was going to have him taken to the pshche ward and withdrawn from meds as she said he was just addicted. i made her promise me one more scan. she agreed and they did it. it had spread all over his body .

    they put him in the cancer hospital ward and told him that he had 6 months.
    i went over and never left his side again. she was standing at his bedside screaming "rob, why dont you just hurry up and die so i can get on with my life"?

    i will never foret his face. i told her to leave one day and get out for awhile and shop or something. she was leaving late at night anyway and coming back about 5 am. so she did.

    i asked rob, honey, is there anything that you havent gotten rid of in your heart before you meet jesus? he said, a couple of things. i went to the bathroom and when i came out hesaid " mom you dont have to worry. its taken care of , when i go through those gates, i'll have no extra bagage on me." we kissed and hugged each other. ( i had also told him that it could go to his brain at any moment and then he might not have the time to say what he wanted).

    anyway, to make a lon story short, from the time the dr. gave him 6 months, he lived 15 days. i was with him when he died. the whole family ws. we atayed with the body for a couple of hours until we were ready to let him go. then we went home. i was worn out as he would not sleep unless he could feel my hand holding his . the minute i would move it , he would wake. after we got home

    i asked GOD why ? why? did you take him? he was so good. the lord told me that he had taken him from the evil to come.his words exactly.

    i found out within 2 days that she had been going out to the parking ramp and meeting an ld boyfriend and taking off with him as rob lay dying with me. and the next day even before the funeral, she had packed his clothes and taken them all to the salvation army. then went to her boyfriends.my husband and other son saw her.
    so... if rob had lived, what would he have done? maybe killed him? who knows or her? as his family meant everything to him.

    i dont kow , but this i do know. jesus knew exactly what was going on and what would have happened. maybe it would have caused rob to backslide. maybe he wouldnthave made it to heaven.
    al i know is , i trust my SAVIOUR to do the right thing in every thing that enters my lifeor the life of one of his children. and he removed him from all the hurt that he wouold have gone through. and
    rob told me early on, he said, mum, everyone starts to die the minute they are born. they begin to age. it is jut timing. i have always remembered that. it is all in GODS timing. never give up. god bless you. my prayers are coming your way . love-ski
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    I didn't expect any more replies to this post. You see the date I post it was 2 months ago.

    Dear Skikat,
    I feel so sorry and sad about your message. Hope you're doing fine (I know that's hard). I also hope you can get encouragement from your husband, family and friends. I'll pray for Rob. He's now with God. He's now flying or singing in the sky with many angel friends. Remember him in your prayer, I think God will tell your message to your precious son.

    Dear Sweetpotatoe,
    I don't post much recently, but I do visit this board everyday and I know your situation. I also feel sorry about that.
    I don't know how to express my gratitude that you pray for me. That's very helpful and touching. You can't imagine how big that means to me. Thank you very much. And trust me, you're always in my prayer as well. So as Jinlee, and Joyfully (been a while not hearing from her) and many other members who are in need.

    May God answer our prayers and give us all courages.

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    I don't have an answer why things happen the way that they do.

    I know that God gives us free will. I think sometimes mankind just doesn't use that free will appropriately.

    I think alot of bad stuff happens because of the decisions that men make.

    The last 7 months have been a roller coaster ride. Since the cancer surgery, I am chronically exhausted. This exhaustion is to be expected since the thyroid replacement medication is still being adjusted. I'm also still getting side effects from the radiation. Then there is my rheumatoid arthritis. AND then I had to have my sweet little gretchen (minature schnauzer) euthanized; she was only 18 months old. That really threw me into a tail spin.

    I've now got a rescue minature schnauzer. He is very different than Gretchen (although I think she is coming to Rudy at night and teaching him some of her whacky mischievous habits.)

    I've just had to scale back on everything. I sleep most of the time anymore. I find out around Christmas time whether the blood tests are still picking up tracers for the thyroid cancer. thyrogobulin test ---or something like that.

    I keep wondering if Gretchen volunteered to give her life inorder to save me. I know it sounds a bit kooky but nothing else makes any sense. I miss her so much. I'm giving all kinds of attention to Rudy, but I'm having trouble getting past the scene I witnessed when they were euthanizing Gretchen. It didn't go the way that you see on TV.

    Now I'm crying again. I just miss her so much. I know that the lack of thyroid is greatly contributing to the crying spells. I'm eligible to get another increase in the thyroid medication the first week in January. My TSH is waaaaaaaaaaay out of whack yet. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
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    What beautiful stories you all have shared. I could add several of my own but I feel that you all have said all the needs to be said and every post was so well written. I am firstly proud of everyone of you and the way you have allowed God to work in your lives. He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. I, too, have questioned many things but then realize that what God allows is for my growth. Sometimes nothing makes sense but I have a lesson to learn from everything. I have to be content with that.

    Some day all of our questions will be answered and we will learn why, but in the meantime I think you all have figured out how to live despite all the tragic things that happen.

    I will pray for each of you and hope that you will do the same for me. That's what it is all about, praying for each other! There's no greater help than that.

    May God be close to each of you and may you feel his presence and peace in your lives.

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    Heals the heart. If you let Him, He will heal your soul and spirit if you let Him. He has erased from my memory hurts that people have done.And the things I do remember doesn't matter any more. It really isn't about us it is God and God only. I know when I quit the 'oh, why me" stuff and truly gave my heart and life to God He in stepped in and healed it. There is power of God's Love