A Sad Day In Our Town...please pray

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by PMangels, Sep 28, 2002.

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    In reference to the post on the Chit Chat board "A Sad Day In Our Town".

    Please pray for the five families who have lost loved ones in an armed bank robbery and for a community trying to heal from the loss. Left behind were spouses and 11 children.

    And for the family left behind because an officer of the law blamed himself and committed suicide because he felt he was in some way responsible because of an error on an earlier investigation that related to the above incident. He left behind a wife and six children.

    And the hardest to pray for is for the souls of the ones who did this terrible thing.

    God have mercy.


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    Holy Father, I am praying to You for grace and mercy for the people involved in this tragedy. Many hearts are crying and hardening at the same time. Please grant the families of the victims courage and peace; give them rest from hatred and depression. For all those who have been affected by this mindless act of Satan, encourage them to find their way to You and to let You resolve their hopelessness. Lord, the people in this town are reaching out to the families of the victims, I thank You for bestowing them with caring and giving. In Jesus' name I pray for closure for many. Amen.