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    I was in work one day and I was feeling quite ill

    The job I was doing! I detested- but still

    It paid the rent and kept the wolf from the door

    The dirt and the grime I learned to ignore

    The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me

    She said: “A consultant you’ll have to see”

    So after doing some tests and a biopsy:

    His diagnosis was P.B.C.

    Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

    I left that hospital my head in a spin

    I couldn’t believe it- It wouldn’t sink in

    Quite a rare disease! He tried to explain

    ” Your liver is scarred –it will affect your brain”

    “There is no known cure” he said with a frown

    ” I’ll put you on drugs that will help slow it down”

    What was he saying?

    My skin wasn’t yellow, I wasn’t jaundiced

    I couldn’t have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

    With my only child away at uni

    I wept and I cried for a day- Maybe three!

    There was nobody else: It was just her and me

    So I couldn’t be sick! How could I be?

    My beautiful daughter depended on me

    We’d overcome many problems

    So Why not PBC?

    I worked that job for another four years

    Some days were fine, others ended in tears

    The fatigue and the itching I had to endure

    And just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore

    Fibromyalgia came next the following year

    The aching all over was really severe

    And then came the bombshell - Pulmonary Fibrosis

    They said it was linked to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Sixteen years have passed, since that fateful day

    And if I said they’d been easy-You’d know I was lyin

    .But you have to admit-It was better than dyin.

    Jo-Ann settled down and she made so proud

    A chartered accountant! I like to say it out loud

    She has a nice home, and she drives a good car

    She travels the world; I knew she’d go far!

    And now the tables have turned for she’s so kind to me

    Her barky old mother who, s got PBC.

    So when you’re feeling down! Get back on that trapeze

    And together we’ll beat this killer disease

    The disease that nobody else can see;

    The name is deceptive; you know that it is

    It goes by the name of Primary Biliary cirrhosis

    P.S – Remember that dirty old job that I did

    The one with the chemicals, solvents and sludge

    Well; I’ll see them in court soon!

    In Front Of the Judge.

    Wishing you All WELL

    Brenda UK

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    your poem is a delight
    but your health is a fright

    good luck in your battle
    and hope you "get back in the saddle"!


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    I would just like to say
    In my own special way
    That it's people like you
    Who help me face up to each day :) :)



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