A Satirical Reflection on my life

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    I was in work one day and I was feeling quite ill

    The job I was doing! I detested- but still

    It paid the rent and kept the wolf from the door

    The dirt and the grime I learned to ignore

    The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me

    She said: “A consultant you’ll have to see”

    So after doing some tests and a biopsy:

    His diagnosis was P.B.C.

    Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

    I left that hospital my head in a spin

    I couldn’t believe it- It wouldn’t sink in

    Quite a rare disease! He tried to explain

    ” Your liver is scarred –it will affect your brain”

    “There is no known cure” he said with a frown

    ” I’ll put you on drugs that will help slow it down”

    What was he saying?

    My skin wasn’t yellow, I wasn’t jaundiced

    I couldn’t have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

    With my only child away at uni

    I wept and I cried for a day- Maybe three!

    There was nobody else: It was just her and me

    So I couldn’t be sick! How could I be?

    My beautiful daughter depended on me

    We’d overcome many problems

    So Why not PBC?

    I worked that job for another four years

    Some days were fine, others ended in tears

    The fatigue and the itching I had to endure

    And just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore

    Fibromyalgia came next the following year

    The aching all over was really severe

    And then came the bombshell - Pulmonary Fibrosis

    They said it was linked to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Sixteen years have passed, since that fateful day

    And if I said they’d been easy-You’d know I was lyin

    .But you have to admit-It was better than dyin.

    Jo-Ann settled down and she made so proud

    A chartered accountant! I like to say it out loud

    She has a nice home, and she drives a good car

    She travels the world; I knew she’d go far!

    And now the tables have turned for she’s so kind to me

    Her barky old mother who, s got PBC.

    So when you’re feeling down! Get back on that trapeze

    And together we’ll beat this killer disease

    The disease that nobody else can see;

    The name is deceptive; you know that it is

    It goes by the name of Primary Biliary cirrhosis

    P.S – Remember that dirty old job that I did

    The one with the chemicals, solvents and sludge

    Well; I’ll see them in court soon!

    In Front Of the Judge.

    Thank you for reading
    Brenda uk

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  2. sascha

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    i have tremendous admiration for you and the attitude you face life with. actually, i'm inspired. i'm in a bit of a dark place right now, facing unknowns, with CFIDS/ME weakening my system and coping mechanisms.

    you just said so much, so eloquently and elegantly. very best to you- Sascha
  3. Jana1

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    I enjoyed, so much, your story in rhyme!

  4. jole

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    Wow! What a great attitude, spirit, strong will, etc. I admire you so much - and a poet to boot! Your daughter has to be as proud of you as you are of her..... you have hung in there and fought a lot.

    Best of luck with the court case. Let us know how it goes, okay?

    Friends - Jole
  5. coolma

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    Great poem - it brought tears to my eyes. You really touched me, I guess, because I too have been there, with my disability in fibro and all the pain that goes with it.

    There seems to be a life pattern that I have seen emerging from my own experience and others:

    There seems to be some adversity around the raising of children - either one parent gets sick (I have never seen so many sick parents!); or one parent has to leave to find work, (alot of parents are working away from home and cannot be there); and, like mine, one parent family due to either choice, or divorce. Whatever. It seems to be the norm that during those child raising years, which are so crucial, adversity of some kind hits. It is just life, I guess.

    Good luck on your Court case - and couldn't you have used the money when you were struggling to raise your lovely daughter!!!!???!!!!! iNTERESTING.

    best wishes and good luck!
  6. 139864

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    Lerner , Sascha, Jana1,jole & coolma

    I thank you all for your very kind comments & good wishes ..It means a lot :)

    But I should explain !..I wrote this poem for the PBCers a while ago ,but thanx to my Gastro Consultant..I no longer have a case !

    For three yrs I had been taking articles from respected sites to all of my hosp.appointments with me which I believed would prove that Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ( PBC )was a environmental disease ,but these dr's liver & lungs kept insisting that they were " Autoimmune " not environmental .

    The Gastro wrote to my solicitors & told them it was autoimmune & they dropped the civil suit immediatly .

    I made a formal complaint about this dr.to the Hosp.executive .

    The outcome was that...Although PBC has now been proven to be Environmental ..It is too late for me ,because my three yrs. are up & here in the UK that is all you are allowed to prove your case .

    I really don't mind because I wasn't doing it for monetary gains & at least they all know that it is environmental & can be caused by chemicals

    Thank you all again
    I wish you all WELL

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