A Shout Of Mercy

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    "Hear my prayer, O Lord; Listen to my cry for mercy.
    In the day of my trouble I will call to you, for you
    will answer." Psalm 86: 6-7 NIV

    I recall as a child, playing a game with my peers
    called "Mercy". Being the glutton for punishment that
    I was, I would squeeze the hand of my opponent with
    all my strength as they squeezed my hand. After
    twisting and turning until the pain became unbearable,
    one of us would give-up and shout "Mercy" leaving the
    other as the victor.

    Often in life we view our pain and suffering as a
    direct attempt by God to hurt us or punish us. It is
    easy to blame God for our troubles or at least blame
    Him for not protecting us when trouble comes our way.
    We may even view God as One who is twisting and
    turning our life into this painful scenario where we
    have to shout out "Mercy" in order for God to feel
    Almighty and thus become the victor over humanity.

    This is not the God that I know and worship. My God
    who is and always will be Almighty has the
    characteristics of love, forgiveness, compassion,
    grace, faithfulness and true mercy. He offers us His
    comfort when we suffer. He is not directing revenge
    or punishment toward us. He offers us forgiveness and
    compassion. This cruel world offers us suffering
    because it is painful and full of sin. Having
    mortality means suffering and pain are inevitable
    during our brief stay here on this earth. God
    desires only to see His children thrive with
    perseverance and endurance. He desires only the best
    for you dear child. He desires a closer fellowship
    with you, because He loves you so. If we endure in
    prayer we will receive an answer from God. Perhaps
    this answer is not what we desire, but it is what is
    good for those who trust in the Lord.

    Do you feel as though your shouts of "Mercy" are
    falling on deaf ears today? Turn to a Father who
    promises to be there to help you walk through the
    fires of life. May you grasp on to HOPE and trample
    through to higher ground.

    Deborah Farmer lives with her family in Bunn, NC. She
    suffers from several illnesses including Fibromyalgia.
    Compliments of Rest Ministries, serving people
    Who live with chronic illness or pain.