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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by snooker11, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. snooker11

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    okay, this is going to sound really stupid and simple, but it has worked a ton for me. One of the most painful areas for me is my upperback/shoulder/neck area. I have found that sleeping overnight on a heating pad has reduced the pain there dramatically. I used to turn the pad off as I was falling asleep (after 1/2 hour or an hour) but now I leave it on all night, and it really makes a difference during the day. Much less pain. yay!
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    I am still in the process of buying a new heating pad.
    The one i have stays on for fifteen minutes and that's all.

    Is it safe to leave one on all night? I guess at a low temp it might be OK.

    Thanks for the good tip!

  3. Empower

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    That's where most of my pain is, especially today

    Is that safe though?
  4. snooker11

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    I used to turn it off after an hour, but then made the happy mistake of leaving it on all night. I've been doing that for a couple of weeks, and so far it's really made a difference. I think it's pretty safe - they just have to warn against it on the product info so you can't sue them. Just make sure the temperature isn't too high. I leave mine on high though - and am careful not to put any fabric between my skin and the pad (i sleep topless). If it gets too hot (which it hasn't) I think I would definitely wake up and turn it off. If you're a very deep sleeper (which hardly any of us are on this board) it might not be such a great idea to leave it on all night b/c you may not wake up if it gets to hot and may get burned. But otherwise, I don't think it could hurt.
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    I lived in Minnesota the winters were pretty fierce. An electric blanket was pretty much a necessity.

    I remember electric pads came w/ a warning. Do not use while asleep.

    But, of course, 40 years have passed so that might have changed due to improvements in electricity.

    How come some people are worried about living near electric power lines, but aren't worried about the wires in their walls, their elecric appliances, the magnets on their refrigerator, etc.

    Electricity and magnatism seem to be opposite sides of the same coin since electricity can be used to create magnatism and vice versa.
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    Hi snooker,

    I was just wondering; have you checked with your Dr. about this? I know that everytime I had to go to my Dr. for muscle pain, etc. that he told me NOT to leave the heating pad on more than 20 minutes at the time. That's giving about an hour to 2 hours in between.

    You may want to check into this because it may not be safe for the skin, muscle, etc.

    I hope you will get an "OK" answer since it's helping you so much.

    Good luck snooker,

  7. carebelle

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    I caught one on fire once and burn my leg.be very careful
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    I have an electric blanket which has been a saving grace for me. My husband loves to sleep with the fan on and I can not bare the cool air. He is always hot so last year at CHristmas he gave me a twin size heating blanket.

    At night I have it on the bed so my joint stay warm and I can adjust the temperature based on how warm I need it at that moment. I leave in on all night and it really helps keep the morning stiffness down during the cool weather.

    Because he bought the twin, it is only on my side of the bed and doesn't bother him. Also, since it isn't so big like a queen or king would be, I can easily pull it off and take it to the living room for a night of movie watching by the fire place.

    It seems silly that a heating blanket would be so great, but boy I love mine. He has always put a lot of thought and love into his gifts, but this one is certainly the most used, especially in the winter.

    Hugs to all, Jenni