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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. rockgor

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    Here's a site w/ a look down memory lane. I've seen a couple
    these. You probably have too.

    Anyway this one is well done.

    Want to add your own? Let's see. Was there any mention of
    Howdy Doody; or Roy Rogers: or drive ins; or 3-D movies?

    Poodle skirts; pop-it beads; white bucks; transistor radios?

    "Memories Are Made of This."

  2. Pippi1313

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    Several times (in docs' offices) I've seen a magazine called "reminesce". I really enjoyed looking at them, & thought it was very well done, too.
    It was fascinating,from my perspective, without being sappy about it.

    I don't know if it's still in publication or not.
    But even peeps who weren't around way-back-when, will enjoy it.

  3. jole

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    I saw that magazine also...the picture of the little boy with the overalls on, pulling his little sister in the Red Ryder wagon.

    I remember the pink Caddys before they became the symbol for Mary Kay....

    When "outstanding in your field" really meant out standing in your field....lol...

    When a fun time in the fall was a hayrack ride and marshmallow roast...

    When an accident was a runaway horse 'n buggy running over a car!!! (Yep, that really happened to my MIL...she was in the car)

    And going to the drive-in wasn't fun unless you could see how many kids you could fit into the car on the one-price per car night. Oh, they could pile in! Trunk full, everywhere!

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  4. Pippi1313

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    My aunts & uncles tell me about roller rinks, ice rinks, judo classes & dances at the armory, being territorial about the Jerrys' or Frisches' drive-in burger joint nearest their high school...

    And something REALLY taboo today: "Laying out" to see who could get the darkest tan!!! (Which, being Irish, is no easy feat! LOL!)

    But the BEST story came from my PawPaw!

    He rode his old farm horse to a dance in a nearby town (the old hitching posts are still there!).
    At the dance, he got fallin-down drunk (he was just a teenager).
    He remembered dancing - but the next thing he knew, it was morning, he was laying in the lane by his house, & the old plow horse was standing there calmly beside him - with the hitching post still attached to the reigns!!! LOL!!! Those were metal posts, set in concrete!

  5. lig

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    Is still in publication. I have a subscription to it. Comes out 6x's / yr. Published by: Reiman Publications out of Harlan, IA.