a skychomper's thanks to everyone + whats worked for me

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    thanks to everyone for welcoming me. It definitely sucks to have this thing- especially to be in your twenties and trying to live your life. err! Im trying to work myself out of this last hole- and I can honestly say that it does get easier each time. I don't know exactly what I can offer since there are so many "treatments" out there. mostly they've been a dead end for me, except for sambucol-black elderberry extract (takes away swore throats, brings my glands down and helps me feel a bit better. and I did have neuro biofeedback way back when I was 20 to help with the brain fog. and it really helped. Since I've gotten cfs, I've noticed Im a really slow healer too- so I've been taking 2 grams of vitamin C a day- 500milligrams in one pill- and I my rashes and cuts are healing right away. give me a shout out if you need to vent or if I can help you with anything. your honest and supportive words are definitely helping me! -skychomper
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    i have noticed i am a slow healter, too!
    in summer, when i noticed it first, i've checked my blood clotting value and related indicators, and, guess what, everything is in the lower end of the range or even slighty below. So i think i have it black on white that my clotting machinery is not as it should be

    intersting stuff about vitamin c... i have "googled" for blood clotting, and most resources talk about "vitamin K" in association with blood clotting. however, i will try both

    and thanks for the hint regarding black elderberry extract (i have sore throat, too, and i have no doubt it comes from swolen glands)