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    I have written songs and poems ever since I was 19 years old. I now have some on my website. I can't post the address because of the board rules. I thought that I can share some here. I hope you enjoy. This song was written in June of 1975. It is all scripture. King James Version. Sorry, I can't put the music, just lyrics.

    For The Word Of The Lord

    For all flesh is as the grass,
    That withereth away,
    And the glory of man,
    Is as the flower of grass.


    But(1-2)/For (3) the Word of the Lord
    Endureth forever,
    And this is the word
    Which by the gospel,
    Is preached unto you.
    For the Word of God
    Is quick and powerful
    And sharper than any
    Two edged sword.

    Build your house on the rock,
    And not on the sand,
    For the house on the sand,
    Will not stand after the storm.

    Jesus said, Heaven and the earth
    shall pass away,
    But my word shall not,
    My words shall not pass away.

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    Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful song with all of us, I really enjoyed it.

    Blessings, Judy
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    The words came to me when I was riding home from a evening church service. The scripures came to mind. I wrote them down. Other parts came when I was at work the next day. It was when I got home, picked up my guitar, and come up with the music.

    I am glad that you both enjoyed them. I will share more at different times.

    I haven't written anything lately, but am praying and hoping to take it up. It is a talent that I need to use. Needed an outlet to share them.

    My God bless you and keep you each day.

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    I loved your song:) I wish I could write poetry. I just love listening to other people's poems and songs!!!