A sort of poem on how I feel.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achyinarkansas, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    the ache, the ache,the terrible pain,
    the ever present,consistant pain.
    It rules your life, it rules ur day.
    Make it go away, make it go away, make this pain go away.
    What happen to my life? I use to have a life.
    Now this pain is my life. I want my life back.
    The pain is me, the pain has become me.
    It's a life I did not ask for, a way of life I do not want.
    The pain now rules my life!
    It has cast me down into the depths of pain and depression.
    It tries to engulf me.
    I cannot function.
    I fight to get back to the surface, I struggle to keep going. I have to keep going, I have to keep moving. My body screams NO!, I can't do this today. You must, I can't, you must, I can't!
    Body don't let me down I have to keep going, but you refuse.
    I've been given a life sentence...a sentence of pain.
  2. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    you did a great job. It is silly, but when i hurt alot, I say, "Pain, pain, go away, come again another day." How silly is that. But sometimes, just saying it out loud helps. It also lets my family know in a simple, non-confrontational way that I am hurting more than usual. Blessings to you. Jen102
  3. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Thank you. It's been a hard month, full of stresss and weather that can't make up its mind if its going to be cold or hot, rain or snow. Not being able to afford my pain medication it's been a really ruff month. I guess I just came to a point when I needed to let it out and the only way available at the time was to write it down. I wrote several pages. Anyway thank you for reading it and for ur reply. God Bless.
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    You said exactly how I feel.

    Good job!
  5. bluegranny

    bluegranny New Member

    Oh achy, you said it perfectly. I wonder who has stolen our lives and it is PAIN. Good Poem.
    Hugs, bluegranny
  6. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    You sumed it up pretty good!
    I am so sorry, you don't have money for your pain meds , that breaks my heart, do you have anyone that could help you?
    I hope 2006 brings to you health happiness, and a whole lot less painful moments!
    Hugz, Karen
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A couple months ago there was a discussion here about affording medication. Some people posted that drug companies (like Merck) will provide some free meds. Also some web sites were posted.



    1 800 864-1140

    Hope I copied those correctly.

    Good luck.
  8. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    You may want to consider giving a copy to your doctor to put in your medical file. It's a good snap-shot of your present condition. I'm sorry you're suffering so much but glad you're able to give it expression. Writing helps.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    thanx rockgor. Monday I will finally be able to get my meds thru the new Medicare RX plan. I finnnaallly got thru (took me 30 mins of waiting to talk to them) to Humana and got my number to give the Pharmacist Monday.
    Thank you for ur great comments everyone. :)
  10. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Yes Blue...our lives have been STOLEN by PAIN! :(
  11. LADYBUG2

    LADYBUG2 New Member

    Very well said,
  12. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Thanx for the comments. Got to "try" the new medicare Rx program today...notice I said "TRY".
  13. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Finally got the prices on my Rx's straightened out.
    I was being told by the pharmacy that the Darvon wasn't covered on my medicare presc. plan when I had been told it would be 5.00. I tried to fill it Jan. 2nd. and was told it was $93.00...I nearly fell over! Well today I called again and had them run it through again...and it finally came up 5.00 and the Tramadol finally at 2.00 instead of 27.00.
  14. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    you have put in writing exactly how i feel most days, haven't had a good day in a long time. i push and push just to clean my house. thanks for the wonderful poem.
  15. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Your very welcome. It was something that I just had to get out, sometimes it helps alot when u write it down. When u write about how u feel, get it out of ur system.
  16. cupimick

    cupimick Member

    Dear achyinarkansas,

    I am sorry for your suffering and this insidious pain that you too are a prisoner of. I just read your poem and I read it to my hubby.

    I never thought anyone could sum up what I feel about this monster that invaded my body 5 years ago but you did it besutifully.

    You are extremely articulate and I echo your words. I mourn for the healthy body I once had as I am sure you do.

    So many of us have different symptoms that I often feel so alone with this horrible pain. I don't know if its any comfort but please know I am going thru the same. We are existing not really living.

    I truly wish you the best and for some much deserved painfree days !!


  17. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Thank You so much Deanna for your kind words! They are much appreciated. God Bless and I hope and pray you get to feeling better also.

  18. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

    Yes I know how it is to "trryy" to get the housework done when your body is scrrreamming to go back to bed.
    God Bless. Prayers for you ALL that are suffering through this horrid illness.


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