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    Subject: If Only....

    His pleasure is not in the strength of
    the horse,Nor his delight in the legs
    of a man;The LORD delights in those
    who fear him, Who put their hope in
    His unfailing love. (Psalm 147:10,11 NIV)

    "If only I had more strength, then I
    could do more for God!If only I felt
    better, then God would see me shine for
    Him!If only I didn't carry this burden,
    then God would be so proud of me!
    If only I was in a different situation,
    then I could be of some use to Him."

    How often we beat ourselves down with
    such thoughts! How often we wish for a
    new life, a new circumstance, a new body.
    With every day that passes, we waste
    our lives on "If Only!" We forget about
    what really matters to our LORD.

    What a wonderful assurance our God gives
    us in the Psalm! The LORD does not delight
    in man's physical strengths, his feats of
    power, his educational accomplishments.
    God looks at our hearts. We hear this
    often with our ears, but do we really listen
    to what God is saying? He is saying that
    He "delights in those who fear him, who put
    their hope in His unfailing love." There
    are no other requirements than to fear and
    put our hope in Him. He has no stipulation
    of how productive we should be physically
    or mentally. He's not running a great
    time-clock in the sky, punching you in
    and out for every good deed or physical

    Let this sink into your spirit today,
    beloved. O Child of God, the LORD delights
    in you! As a father coming home from work
    embraces his young child, with a sparkle in
    His eye. He is overjoyed that you are His
    precious child, and that you choose to
    revere Him, to hope in Him, and to love Him.
    Be filled with wonder today at the everlasting
    and ever present love of your LORD today and
    Tina Nahid lives in Hopkinsville, KY, with her
    husband Nami and son Abraham. She has
    Fibromyalgia but presses on each day toward
    the prize, which is in Christ Jesus. She prays
    all will rest assured in the Savior's arms today.

    courtesy of Rest Ministries