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    Hi everyone,

    Our dear sweet Lurkernomore is very sick and having to have some new treatments.....she suffers from FM/ Diabetes, and now Sjogrens ...she went to church and reluctantly asked for prayer for her health......

    the members of her church gave her no support at all....so she walked away feeling like she had been selfish,,,,,,,

    not only does she feel sick, now she feels abandonded by the ONE group of people she should be able to count on!

    I let her know that "WE" are here for her and that we will pray for her with all our hearts and souls..and without judgement!

    So.......PLEASE I ask those of you who read this to please put in a special prayer for "lurkernomore" and let her see that she is not alone..........and pray that GOD will give her some relief and solice.

    Thank you all for helping our sweet lurkernomore!

    with love
  2. getridof

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    I don't know who Lurkernomore is (is she the member of this site?), but I feel so sad to know her situation. I'll pray for her. May God relieve her.
  3. alaska3355

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    Thanks for posting it here, Doxy. I'll pray for lurkernomore.
  4. Asatrump

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    Tell Doxy I will remember her in my prayers.
  5. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    I just had to come here after I was told of this board and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It is true that last night as I was posting on the Fibro/CFS board I was feeling quite alone and abandoned by mankind.

    It seemed so surreal to me that in my own church home of 27 years I could feel so invisible and forgotten. Since my posting last night on that board, I have been just loaded with posts of love and support. It has absolutely humbled me and look at everything in a completely different light, and I thank you all for that.

    The truth is, whether we realize it or not, there is beauty in everything, even in suffering. Had I never known pain, I could not feel the compassion and empathy that I do today, for others. Years ago when my health was good, I could very well have been every bit as unknowing as those who I felt had possibly forgotten me.

    Now that I live this every day, I am reminded to be thankful for every moment of reprieve from pain or fatigue and to expand that to others who are suffering in any way, shape or form. I look things up on the net so that I can be more informed of what others suffer from and pray for them.

    I say none of this as a reflection of myself, or in boast. I am saying that, even in suffering, joy can be found. And I found my joy last night and this morning, when I was so surrounded with love and support, both on the FM/CFS board and right here, with all of you.

    I love you all and I pray that the love and support you have given me will come back to you tenfold. God's blessings to you all! Lurkernomore..but you can call me Katie ;)
  6. fivesue

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    I sorry that you felt so abandoned by you SS class...it happens to many. And yes, many have not gone through pain or tragedy so they can't relate to what you're dealing with. Like you, I was once there.

    But, I do pray for you and for you SS class members...they need to learn to accpet people and not judge...many times it comes only after one experiences pain and loss...sad, but true.

    My best to you as you deal with all the issues in your live.

    Praying for you.

  7. Rafiki

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    This Buddhist says Amen to what you wrote!

    ~ Namaste ~

  8. lilaclover30

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    I just came off the FMS board and read your story. Iu feel so sorry. I have gone through some of that also but-----I still hang on in my church home of 76 years.

    Some I know don;t know what to say. Some also hate to ask what is wrong with you.

    No, there aren't all perfect people in our churches across our country but so many are loving and caring. Go back to SS and if possible, tell them how you feel. Somewhere there will be someone who cares and will love you.

    We all love you and hurt for your hurt. Many of us have experienced hurt from others but here, right here with our FMS, etc. friends, we find those who love us and care and pray for us.

    From one of my favorite songs, one that I call my theme song, just a bit of it.

    "The God on the mountain,
    is your God in the valley.
    The God of the day,
    Is your God in the night".

    "May the Lord Bless You and Keep You".

    I will pray for you and give you gentle hugs,

  9. lurkernomore

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    I feel that I owe you a HUGE apology here! My mind went totally blank and I referred to you as "the Buddist." See, I did not even spell the word Buddhist correctly!

    And I think Buddhism is one of the most beautiful, loving denominations and ways of life there is! The few Buddhists that I know have so much more peace in their hearts that I really admire them.

    Also, I had asked...and I understand if, after my huge mistake you do not want to answer me, but what does the word Namaste mean? I see it often and I guess, out of shame, have never asked what it means. It is such a beautiful word and I would love to know it's meaning.

    And again, I am so sorry I blanked out and forgot which poster you were! You were so kind to reply to me and I would never intentionally hurt you! Please forgive me!
  10. lurkernomore

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    I had just posted a very long post telling you all how much you have lifted my soul and how much love and peace I am feeling now. Then I noticed a huge typo and went to hit edit-but hit delete instead!

    I know I cannot possibly thank you all sufficiently for the joy you have brought me in the past 24 hours. But basically what I wanted to say is thank you, I love you and I want to be here for you as you have been for me. I am feeling God's love very intensely right now and I thank you all and pray that you do too!

    I feel as if I have, at long last, found a group that I do not have to suppress my love for the Lord with. It is as if I have finally found place on the net where I fit in. What a wonderful feeling...what a wonderful group you all are!

    (And if there are typo's here, I am sorry. But I don't want to risk deleting this post too!;)
  11. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Katie, it's me granni or grannimom to you (whatever you want to call me) (-: !!

    I don't always check the Worship board but am so glad you found it.!! Lots of wonderful and caring people here too.

    Again God bless you ! Love ya,

  12. pepper

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    I am praying for you tonight, dear friend. My sister has Sjogrens and FM so I know that you are dealing with a lot, esp. with the diabetes too. You should not have been abandoned by your fellow church members. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I hope that you have found a new "home" here on the Worship Board.

    Prayers and many blessings.
    Love, Pepper
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  13. Rafiki

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    Oh dear, it is I who owe you an apology!

    I did not see this post until today... a month later! I think the Worship Board is primarily Christian so I feel a little bit like a trespasser.

    I so hope that you have not thought that you, in any way, hurt me! That would be just awful and so terribly false!

    Please forgive me for losing track of this thread. I would, as my mother often said but is far more true now, lose my head were it not attached!

    "Namaste" means: I bow to the divine in you. One holds one's hands, palm to palm, at heart level and bows the head ever so slightly and says, Namaste. It is a recognition of our constant, unbreakable connection to the divine and of the divine in each person we meet.

    I so hope you see this!!! I'm so very sorry I lost track of this!

    Please forgive me! You have nothing to be forgiven for!