A study of Prayer - Unwavering Faith / The Book of James

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    Unwavering faith, simply believes that God is sovereign, -- believes that God loves, believes that God will supply everything that is needed for understanding the trial, and goes in prayer to God. In doing so he not only comes to the Throne of heavenly grace but also touches the very heart of God with prayer.

    Let us keep in mind that the Devil cannot keep the Lord from answering our prayer, but he will seek to make us waver in unbelief. He can cause us to be double minded.

    The doubting man has a divided heart. One moment he shouts, "I believe" the next "I have my doubts" James says this kind of man is unstable in all his ways v 8. Doubts affect every area of his life.

    He is unstable in his relationship to God. Unstable, in relation to worship, fellowship, and service.

    Ask Without Wavering - James 1:7-8 For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;

    If we do not apply faith that works, and ask God for His wisdom in our times of trials, we should not entertain ideas that God will give us anything for help.

    The "Way of Prayer was open when Jesus died on the cross and the Veil was rent in two.

    Excerpts from: 'Studies from the Book of James; Preached by Pastor Jack Anderson; Bethel Church Isle of Man
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    Thanks for that so much. That really touches me.
    I pray that you continue to bring us these lessons and scriptures. In Jesus name,amen.