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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    If you haven't gone to see "Chicago", I would suggest it. It's such a mindless bit of fun with a lot of feel-good music. I totally think it is worth sitting in an uncomfortable theater seat to see it! It won't be the same on video, and it can sure make you feel lighthearted, if only for a short time.

    It's not a normal "musical", so I believe anyone can enjoy it. It's presented differently than any musical I've seen. (I really didn't care for Moulin Rouge, but this is a LOT different).

    I went out immediately and bought the soundtrack -- so did my brother.

    Everyone in the show won Academy Awards except Richard Gere. Such a pity that they don't have an award for "Continued Sexy Appearance in Feature Films". LOL


    P.S. Keep in mind that the movie is made just for fun -- Please don't get all serious about anything.

  2. JP

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    I second your suggestion! It was a wonderful non-traditional musical based on a true story...i think! I'm a little fuzzy on my memory today.


  3. Annette2

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    I LOVED that movie! And when Richard Gere came out in that red-sequined suit, I almost died! He is utterly sexy! Did you see him in "Dr. T. and the Women"? He was fabulous. I agree - he should have been nominated for an Academy Award. He really put himself on the line doing that role. And it is a movie you need to see on the big screen. Good idea!!!!