A suspected cause of chronic fatigue syndrome

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    May 2003

    A suspected cause of chronic fatigue syndrome
    People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may have a minor heart problem that is not easily detected, suggests a small, preliminary study presented at a recent American Physiological Society conference. The study monitored both healthy people and people with CFS while they were exercising on stationary bikes, measuring each participant's heart pumping ability. The results showed that people who had CFS had a decrease in the heart's pumping ability during exercise, whereas the healthy participants showed an increase.

    The researchers think this decrease in pumping ability may be a sign that the people with CFS may have hearts that are not working efficiently. They believe the problem must be minor because their hearts seem to work fine at rest. However, they say it may also be possible that the people with CFS are showing very early signs of congestive heart failure. This chronic condition makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body, which could cause fatigue during stress if blood is sent to critical organs such as the heart and brain first and fails to reach other organs, such as the muscles, adequately. More research is needed, however.

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    I became ill following two lots of surgery and awful infections due to the correct protocols not being followed.

    After being very ill for 3 months I picked up at bit. Then had all the neurological, endocrinological, and immunological symptoms associated with CFS.

    Managed to work still but had to go off sick frequently and got very tired +++, you know the picture.

    Anyway one thing that really stood out was that when I did any physical activity I would get breathless. My lungs were ok, there were no breathing difficulites or asthma.

    Became much worse 2 years later, but during better patches found I got the same breathless when doing anything physical, still happens now.

    When I mentioned this to several doctors they told me it was just lack of stamina, but that's not how it felt.

    Well all this started 22 years ago. I'm not aware of any serious heart problems - just thought I'd mention this in case anyone panics over the theory of a heart defect.


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    or one similiar was on the front page of this site about 3 articles ago...doesn't anyone read the new articles on this site?

    Anyhow..my endo told me I have a heart murmur, and low adrenal glands...my heart races sometimes after I eat and lie down! I have to sit up to stop it...i think it's all related...

    research on!
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    I think the article was clearly mis-communicated by the writer and not by the researchers. What the writer should have conveyed was the researchers had found a link to the possible cause of the “fatigue” of CFS sufferers, and this link could be the decrease in heart pumping capability during exercise. Whether it’s a virus, a fungus, a bacterium, or related to medication we all took at some point in our lives, the cause of the damage or malfunction is still unclear. The good news is researchers are looking at these things and finding clues.