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    I went back to see my former PCP whom I liked very much, but because of insurance issues, I had to change to another doc. Actually,had gone to that medical group since 1975! That's 30 years...and had to change. Very upsetting, but I did it and hated the results. It seemed like I was being seen by a doctor who really had no compassion, was snide (as I was in return at times!), and she was sending me to these other doctors that didn't know and really didn't care about me as a person.

    The doctor I left was so happy so see me,happy to be my PCP again, asked me what was going on, asked what prescriptions I needed right now (I didn't need any, but he will be prescribing enough Vicodin for me to keep the level down without a lecture and the attitude the painkillers are just a bandaid, but not suggest anything else). He also would be able to diagnose tendonitius without sending me to a rheumy.

    So, I went to the desk, signed papers to have all my files from all the doctors for the last two years sent to him.

    He is sending in all my prescriptions to my druggist and I will see him in a month! What an absolutely wonderful morning...my whole life seems better now. I knew in my heart he would be good as he doctored me through depression, anxiety, breakdown, etc. Now...I'm back, and I don't ever have to go see that other doc again. Never.

    So happy! So, SO, SO happy!

    I don't know what the future holds, but at least I have a doctor who knows me and will treat me like a human. What a wonderful advantage.

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    and to have another great doctor right here in California.I am so happy for you!
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    When you have a good doctor, and you get along well with him, I believe in telling him so!!!

    Docs are human, too, and like to be complimented!!

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    Yes, my mental health took a huge leap yesterday after seeing my doctor! I told him so, Janet, and I am going to do something he recommended that I wouldn't from the other...didn't trust her.

    I woke up this morning not worrying if I needed something because I know he is there. I took my Vicodin without counting how many I have left and trying to make them last for a month. Now, it's not like I take a huge amount...average two a day. So, with the mood up, I am actually accomplishing some things instead of stewing.

    Thank you all for your notes. I appreciate all of you, and it's nice to know I can share sad things and happy things and you all understand. You are a blessing to me...I hope I am to you, also. We're all in this together.

    Have a good holiday!