a teaching dental facility did me in...

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  1. sascha

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    trying to save money and needing teeth checked and work done, i went to a dental school. i was told each visit took three hours, as student exam and work is always followed by professors checking, and to check the professors go through pretty much the same routine the student did. i've had two visits. the second one took four hours. afterwards i had bad reactions--lots of pain in my jaw, the side of my face, around my teeth, and i collapsed into need for lots of extra rest.

    has anyone tried this dental route and had same result?

    i don't think i should go back. i save money, but it's too harsh a route for me.

    i read an article on this Board (Carol Sieverling on Dr. Cheney) that used the term "excitatory neurotoxicity" - i think that describes the phenomenon perfectly of us suffering from any kind of stimulus overload. it happens a lot with me-

    i hope to read some of your experiences- thanks, sascha
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    It was pretty much as you described, but I had sedation dentistry. Not too sure I liked it, either. It has been a rough 2 wks. since then.

    I don't think it much matters, except you probably had to spend a lot of extra time there in that chair.

    I'm still having jaw pain, and all that you mentioned.

    Maybe you could have them make shorter appointments or make them stick to the 3 hr. limit, if you explained why.

    Good luck!
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    I think anything to do with a dentist is too much. I went to a regular dentist to get 2 teeth pulled. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my whole life. And I have given birth to 4 babies. It was horrible. I cried all the rest of the day it hurt so bad. I guess my teeth will rot out of my head before I'll ever go back to a dentist. I just can't deal with it. I know I will have to be put to sleep for any further dental work. I hate it.

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    i have assisted at two different one's...uop and ucsf...and it is typical to take this long for the procdures, because the they need the professor to come and inspect...

    do you have medi-cal insurance...there are some dentist that still take it for your dental work...maybe you could get most of your work done there...

    what part of ca are you in..if you let people know maybe they can give you some more tips...

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    so other people are having same reactions. i have to go through with some plan- i do want to keep my teeth-

    i am going to UCSF dental school. i don't have Medical. i guess i'll shop around and try to find a place where three people aren't going over me. i know that's what school is for, and i wanted to try it out, but i think it's too hard on me.

    i think there are sliding scale places. i'll see what i can find. OR talk to the school and explain the problem. maybe they could hurry it up somehow.

    thanks- sascha
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    do you qualify for medi-cal? i know of a dr here in novato that take medi-cal...he'll do the same thing that the school will...in less time..

    university of pacifica has a dental school there as well.

    are you needing a teeth cleaning...? or fillings or what?

    you are entitled to a copy of your xrays...you may need to pay a minimal amount for them

    sdo you have any dental insurance at all?

    let me know what you are looking for...?

  7. sascha

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    i have no Medi-Cal, and i have no dental insurance. only Medicare. i live in San Francisco.

    i've put in a call to my student dentist- haven't heard back yet. i think if they can't make accommodations for me, i'll find an elsewhere to go. i think there are low-cost places- someone mentioned this possibility. i just haven't researched it.

    going to a dentist these days is like buying a small car.