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    Just a thought since this pertains to my lifestyle.I am a get-up-and-go all day kind of person.Hyper I guess you might say. Does anyone think that us with the more neurological symtoms of this DD might be for this reason?
    Maybe compare someone that is more laid back versus someone that is on hyper-mode 24/7.I know for sure being like this is only causing me more anxiety,which in turn is causing more pain,more everything.My husband tells me"you need to slow down" all the time.I know this is tru,but whenever I try to do this I get depressed.I have to be doing something to keep my mind off all this crazy stuff going on in my body.Does anyone feel like this? Can anyone relate?
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    Donna, yes, many here can relate. It's a journey of many starts and stops, successes and failures. The trick -- for me, anyway -- is to nick away at my busyness and to slap down those "shoulds" as soon as they rear their ugly heads. I have given up my extraneous activities one by one, kept up only with those friends/acquaintances who accept where I am these days, and really cut back on the TV and other "wasted" activities that keep me up late.

    I fail at living simply alllll the time, but you just have to keep whacking away at it, like with a diet from food. Only this is a busy diet....You know it's good for you, but you really really want that Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!