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  1. Kay31

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    Am I looking for commiseration.....yup!. Just can't get rid of this damn infection. On ABs - complete with bathroom visits - can't figure out how I got this and when it will leave.

    I have made the Kleenex company a lot richer!!

    Anyone else in this predicament?

  2. trischittak

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    I had a sinus infection for 5 months the winter before being diagnosed with FM. Went through 3 courses of traditional antibiotics, then finally ENT treated me with OMNICEF for 60 days. That finally got rid of it, but still have to be very careful, I easily get them with any cold and when I do 10 day antibiotic is not enough, have to do 20. To prevent I rinse my sinuses daily with saline. At first sign of a cold, I take sudafed 12 hour every morning, rinse with saline every few hours and take airborne twice a day.
  3. Kay31

    Kay31 Member

    Thanks, guys, for your replies..... When I hear how long yours lasted, I feel like a wimp. Maybe it's cause I can't even write a Christmas card cause I'm SO wiped out.

    Will definitely try some of your recommendations!

    Prickles, you sound SO much better. We were all worried about you when you first started school. Hope you've made friends and can have some fun along with your schoolwork. What color is your hair now?
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