A Timely Message; More on the Titanic

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    Hi Kids
    Well, as all you gourmets already know, Hellman's and Best
    Mayonnaise are now made by the same corporation. Kinda like
    Clark Kent and Superman are actually the same dude.
    But in the early days the companies were separate. Not only that,
    Hellman's was originally Coleman's, an English Corporation (LTD) that
    started out importing spices in 1814 and gradually moved into the
    business of manufacturing some of its products such as Coleman's
    Late in the 19th century it began producing mayonnaise. 800 cases
    were aboard the Titanic. The ship was scheduled to sail to New York,
    then south to Vera Cruz, the first shipment ever to Mexico.
    When the ship sank in the N. Atlantic, the people of Mexico who
    had been eagerly awaiting this new delicacy were distraught.
    A national day of mourning was declared.
    Cinco de Mayo.

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