A Transmission Dr. Needed, Plz

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by findmind, May 4, 2007.

  1. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Anyone know about transmissions? My daughter's car goes "CLUNK" when first start out to work in the a.m. Shifts into gear slowly, but by 30 mph, runs great.

    I took it for her to shop: they drained all of the fluid, said there were not any real signs of "junk" in it, and pressure cleaned it with a chemical. Then they added 11 Qts new fluid w/additives.

    Got it back yesterday, they told me to drive it a lot to work the fluid well into the seals. It drove home great; no more "clunk" and shifted smoothly.

    This a.m., after it had sat overnite, I took it to get my haircut. It went 'CLUNK' as I left my driveway, then drove beautifully again.

    Now whatta I do??? Dau has my car while I try to figure this out for her.

    Anyone know what to check next? Geez I need help making these decisions!!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I sure do need help!

  3. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    is the tranny making this noise? Is it a transaxle deal, or an older model? I wish I cold help but I need to hear and feel (hey, I don't know diddly), lol. Did the folks that serviced it ride in it and hear a "CLUNK"?
  4. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Oh, gosh, a reply!
    Thank you so much.

    A transaxle? Ddon't know what that is, but will surely look into it.

    Yes, the repair shop felt the "clunk" and saw it didn't shift into reverse for a while after it was started; even now, I have to let it roll out of the driveway, and as I start forward, at about 5 mph, it makes the sound, then it begins shifting smoothly into the gears!

    It seem to "clunk" only when it has been sitting for a few hours, then its fine.

    Thank you for giving me some other way to try to solve the problem. We cannot afford a new transmission! It is a 95 Ford Escort, only 66K miles on it, but just came 1500 miles on a move here.

    thanks muchly again!
  5. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    See, there's the problem, It is a 95 Ford Escort.

    If you wait long enough I hear those cars eventually come full circle and start running correctly again.

    sorry, just kidding, I'm a diehard Chevy man.

    I think fmandy is closer than what I thought.
    I was thinking that it's not getting trans fluid where it needs it until it warms up.

    They started putting sensors on transmissions about that time, maybe one is sending the wrong message.

    I don't have a clue,
  6. findmind

    findmind New Member

    lol, YEAH, I know about fords!

    This car was really the proverbial "little ole' ladies" car, driven to church and drs and groceries; like mine! So it only has 66K miles on it. They got it thru church friends.

    I've heard of the sensors that send signals to the trans and engine; I'll call the repair co. Mon and ask them did they check that...they have very sophisticated machines for diagnostic purposes, but we'll see.

    The Ford dealer could not find the problem after 3 days! or, so they said. Its hard to trust any repair services anymore; its like our drs: hit and miss!

    I'm writing down answers y'all give me and will check them out.

    So sweet, thank you for answering!

  7. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Now that you have completed the picture of the problem.....I can't help you....No, just kidding like the Bender, but really I can only give you some advice that you probably don't need...You have real transmission problems that sounds like trash in the hydraulics or a bad hydraulic solenoid valve, or bad electronics even.

    Now for the advice; consider the value of the car before trying to repair the transmission. The transmission might already be fixed, but I doubt it. It may continue to run like it is, but I doubt it.

    If you find a very smart and HONEST transmission mechanic, it could be fixed for a reasonable price. The trouble is they are very hard to find. You could end up paying more for the repair than the car is worth, and down the road still have problems. Double bummer...Don't get burned!!

    We have a mechanic in my little home town that I moved from, that when in high school scored the highest score ever on the Duke math test. It made all the papers. His father was a transmission mechanic. He had scholarship offers from every college around. He never went to college, but if you need an honest genius to fix your transmission, there he is. A true story indeed.

    I wish you well in a good outcome here. If it ever were to start running right, take it and trade it in quick!!!


  8. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I can't thank you enough for the good info and advice!

    I wrote everything down. AAMCO trans co. here in town does lifetime warranty transmission replacement.

    My kids have NO money; I have some savings I can use to keep this car going for another year or two. That's what I may need to do, like it or not.

    How much do you think a new trans should cost? $2K-3K? That would actually be easier than payments of any kind right now, by them. I could get a loan against savings, and repay it each month while letting my interest on savings offset the interest on the loan.

    Think I should check with the Ford dealer too; they may be most reliabe as to all the sensors and everything else needed to make it work correctly, I guess.

    I sure don't need this stress.
    But they can't handle the problem, as they have no money and both just started new jobs and no time to take care of all this. They have a home waiting to be sold in another state, and are as poor as churchmouses.

    You're very sweet, Andy, to help me out with this...

    Hugs to you and yours,
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  9. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Egad Findmind, this may be your answer darling. I sure do hope that it is :)

    After you were so very sweet to me in your last posty :), I just had to search all the greasemonky forums and found my way to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration:


    Make : FORD Model : ESCORT Year : 1995 Manufacturer : FORD MOTOR COMPANY

    Service Bulletin Num : BC2430970501 Date of Bulletin: MAY 01, 1997

    NHTSA Item Number: 52833 Component: POWER TRAIN:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Summary:


    So my dear this is great news it sounds like. Now I think for a small fee (oh yes) your government will send you more detailed information on this deal.

    If the above link will work for you, you can check the little check box and I think you have to fill out the form below for the rest of the story or go to a Ford dealer and they will have all of this info for FREE!

    I know so well what you mean about helping our children Hon. I have paid it seems zillions of dollars for my two Gals. They are worth every penny, and have become more dependent. Now I can freely indulge in spoiling them with money and gifts. I am so thankful to the good Lord that I can.

    I was struck with an email from one of my daughters this morning. She didn't like the camouflaged bed set that I ordered for my grandson. Said it looked too redneck! How could a camouflaged comforter, shams, and bed thingy look else ways? Ha ha ha.

    Hope this helps you. Just maybe this is normal for your transmission...Let us hope, ok?


  10. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Now I am in tears! I can't believe how good you were to look this up for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I only have webtv, but got the site, and ordered the search...they didn't ask me for a credit card, only address and phone number, so don't know how they'll bill me or how much!

    ...Anyhow, the information summary was very helpful, has taken some of my anxiety away at least. I wonder why, if it is so "normal", the Ford dealer I took it to didn't catch it! The idiots. The automotive/trans shop I've got it at right now (there was trans fluid leaks on floor Sun. and today) has a very good reputation, with two competitors within 1/2 mile. 18 mos/18000 mile warranty on work done.

    Read your profile andy, and could not believe it...your illness started exactly like mine! Severe URI, hospital x4, IVs, and then EBV tested and extremely high; diag. CFS...all this thru the VA.

    Your have 3 grkids, I have 2...hope your 4th is a joy! Mine are 10 (a boy) and 19 (beautiful girl). The 19 y.o. missed the last three yrs of HS with CFS! But she passed the GED, and is now in community college, so pray that her 3 years of rest helped her fight this scourge off.

    I must warn you: please be extremely careful about kisseys to the grkids; especially the babies. I firmly believe this illness can be transmissible! Until we know differently, that's the way we should probably play it.

    Again, as others on this board, I'm so grateful for all the smart and helpful people here who are so sick yet so willing to use their limited energy to help one another...like you!

    Blessings to you and yours,
  11. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Findmind, well I may have been a little overly optimistic
    :( The leak doesn't sound good at all.

    I just don't know, but I searched all the government recalls, including the Defect Investigations & Service Bulletins and there is not a known problem with this year and make. I saw a few questions being asked on the tech forums but nothing unusual I don't think.

    If there are leaks now that weren't there before then.....the last to turn a nut is responsible...

    Yes, we do have much in common Findmind. Wow it just now hit me that your board name is findmind vs finemind! Isn't it strange how the mind can see what it wants to? Ha ha ha...

    Positive energy is what it is all about I think. I get it from someone here and I pass it along. The last are you and a few more and they know who they are I hope. They made me feel special and I love it. It is hard to feel special anywhere else. (Boo hoo, lol)

    Seems that lately the only thing on my mind is my pain. Thee wife is tired of hearing about it and I don't blame her, but she gripes of pain too :) Here lately I find her wanting "her alone time" more and more. So I come here and learn from the so many intelligent and warm people.

    I had to go and get my pain med, tramadol refilled today, and I was in too much pain to do it, but did, lol.

    I managed to do a tad of shopping and bought the grandgirls a new red wagon :) I am so glad that you mentioned these dds possibly being contagious. I never kiss them on the kisser anyway, but will probably fore-go "breathing" on them in the future...

    Well I hope the car does ok. I will keep my fingers crossed. Here is some info I found earlier today written by an expert:

    Automatic transmission test drive

    One of the indications of a transmission problem is delayed engagement, when there is a long delay between the moment you shift the shifter into "D" (Drive) or "R" (Reverse) and the moment the transmission kicks in.

    It's easier to note delayed engagement after a car was sitting for a while: With the transmission in "P" (Park) start the engine, and wait until the engine rpm has reduced to normal level (650 - 850 rpm).

    With your foot holding down the brake pedal, shift to the "D" (Drive) position. Almost immediately the transmission should engage - it feels like the car wants to creep forward. This should happen very smoothly, without a strong jerk or clunk.

    Shift to "N" (Neutral), and the transmission should disengage. Now, still holding the brakes, shift to the "R" (Reverse) position. Again, the transmission kicks in almost immediately - you will feel the car wants to creep backward. This also should be very smooth, without a jerk or clunk.

    Now, still holding the brake pedal down, try to shift from D to R and back. There should be no strong jerk or clunk.
    If there is a notable long delay (more than 1 seconds) between the moment you shift and the moment the transmission kicks in, such a transmission might be either too worn or has some problem, avoid this car.

    If you feel a strong jerk or clunk while shifting, the car may have a transmission problem, avoid such a car.


    Be good :)

  12. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    It is imperative that the CORRECT transmission fluid be put in the car when they replace the fluid. I know this from experience. I gave my son my Sable station wagon to drive to Duke. All of his belongings were in the car. I had just paid to have new tires, hoses, oil, transmission fluid, belts, etc. done to the car so he would be SAFE.

    Well, the morons who changed the transmission oil put the wrong kind in and the car caught on fire up in the hills of N. Carolina. I mean he was out in the boondocks.

    Having trouble getting the car to go into reverse is a pretty good sign that you have transmission problems. They need to check and make sure there aren't any kinks in the transmission line hoses. Do you have enough transmission fluid in the car???? Clunks can come from very low levels of transmission fluid.
  13. findmind

    findmind New Member

    How sweet of you to reply! Well, yes, a very highly rated shop replaced all the tran fluid. Yes, they know it needed the proper kind.

    As fmandy said above, the NHTSA has a service bulletin mentioning the problems this car has with the trans.

    So the shop told me, drive it! If and when it breaks, by that time, maybe my daughter will have sold her house in another state and have to money to replace it. He says it might run for years just like it is, and the problems are not dangerous when one knows how to drive with them....wait a min. or two in a.m. before putting into reverse, etc.

    I'm giving them the car back tomorrow, getting mine back, getting my DPs into the shop, then getting mine worked on a little. Then, I bought another car from a friend, and I'm giving my kids my car as a second one and they should be ok.

    Thank you so much for responding...what a great board...whoever thought there would be a discussion about transmissions, for crying out loud!

    there's always hope!
  14. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    So glad it all seems to have worked out :) and you have a new car... You know you had this planned all along...Ha ha ha.

    Be good,

  15. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Well, its not a new car, that's for sure; just new to me, LOL!

    My kids are not happy that the major tuneup and trans fluid change did not correct the basic problem (from 0-25 MPH it doesn't have great pick-up and go). But I told them they'd have to live with it until thier financial situation is better.

    I told them about the service bulletin, but no matter what the auto shop says, they just want it fixed and that isn't possible. So they get it back tomorrow and will have to live with it and my car until theirs crashes and burns. Then we'll decide what to do next.

    I had no problem driving the car today; one just has to "baby" it along and its fine, so they can too.

    Thanks for all your support, andy...good to make a new friend.

    Huggies to you and yours,

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