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    Hi everyone,

    Over the weekend i was going through a book i have on Fibro and MPS. Its called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. A survival Manual by Devin Starlanyl, and Mary Ellen Copeland. Devin is an M.D. who also suffers with both FM and MPS.which then is called FMS/MPS complex. She has written articles on this website. A lot of you have probably heard of her.

    She explains when you have both your treatments should be different and how unfortunately some doctors don't understand the difference. I know i didn't until reading her book! I always thought FM was having trigger points when FM is tender points and M.P.S. is having specific trigger points.(Their are also secondary trigger points!) She explains how unlike tender points trigger points can and do refer pain to other parts of the body.It gets extremely complicated!

    After seven years of having both of these beasts a long with Chronic Fatigue and going to about 40 doctors i realized i don't so much need a Rheumotologist, Neurologist, or Pain Specialist as much as someone who knows and understands about Trigger Points! Lets just say a Trigger point Doctor who understands myofascial pain and can help eleviate the trigger points!

    She explains in her book how she owes so much to her chiropractor who has mapped out her trigger points on her body and has worked with eleviating them. She explains how if the trigger points are left untreated or are inappropriately treated the TrP will remain active.

    She also explains how "unfortunately, most pain management clinics spend a lot of time helpoing people to learn to live with their pain when, often , some of the pain can be eliminated. Once identified, trigger points(those lumps of fascia and waste materials can be broken up or atleast minimized.")

    When i was first diagnosed with FM seven years ago my doctors did not explain about the Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I don't believe some of them knew i had it!

    I never came across a doctor who knew about trigger points and Janet Travells book on them until going to my chiropractor. He has worked a little with them but tomorrow i am going to urge him to map mine out and do more work with them. I do get some ultrasounds which i know now why they are helping some. I am going to show him this book tommorrow.

    Devin explains in her book how her chiropractor used ultrasound with stimulation to break up trigger points. She stated how she was indebted to him to help her keep mobile. She stated in MPS the first muscle grouping with the most impact on the patients quality of life should be the first treated.

    She explains how "After the treatments are finished, the patient may find that muscle tone is diminished or has disappeared." The patients muscles may seem as if they have been in a body cast for years, and the patent must begin SLOWLY strenghening.

    I urge everyone to talk to their doctor to make sure if they have FM or M.P.S. or just one or both. Treatments should be different for each one or both according to Devin. It is important the physcian understands the difference. For example if you have just M.P.S. trigger point injections can help but if you have FMS/MPS complex you may have more severe post-injection soreness and any relief you get from the pain doesn't last as long.

    Recently i spent the last couple months going through so much testing because my pain has gotten worse if that is even possible a long with even more weird symptoms. I put this book away for a long time and getting it out again i realized my symptoms were the Fibro but a lot of this myofascial crap getting worse!(Exscuse me for saying it or shall i say typing it!) I forgot how much the myofascia can effect circulation, and neuro symptoms.

    I urge everyone to go to their local library and look for the book or purchase it. I recommend everyone considering finding a chiropractor or doctor that knows and understands about trigger points if they have M.P.S. and can work with the trigger points. I know its easier said than done to find one that does.

    Just wanted to pass this info along and maybe save you all years of testing and treatments that can actually do more harm than good if you aren't diagnosed proporely like i was.(and i know i am not alone unfortunately).

    Hugs to all of you and i hope this helps.
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    Thanks for such great info. Question: When you have pain from the trigger points, what kind of pain is it? Is is like a very painful burning sensation? At time stabbing pain? I've been having this in my arm since my surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. When I went to therapy last Thurs. (one time visit) the PT got out her trigger point book & said there are many in the arms. So she proceeded to give me a treatment like a TENS unit but it was a little devise that looked like an ear thermometer & it had stimulation with it. It seemed to help but wore off before I got home (hr. drive).

    I think I'll get this book from library & check it out. I am going to have to call my fms doc & get an apt. This arm hurts so bad I can't even touch it.

    Take care......Kathi
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    Devin Starlanyl has helped a lot of us. I just bought a self help book for trigger points. "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. He studied Travell's work extensively, and adapted methods for us to work on our own trigger points. As I JUST bought it, I have not tried anything yet.

    I have been receiving myofascial release (MFR) therapy from a physical therapist. Of anything I have done over the past twenty years since being diagnosed, this has helped the most. Since starting MFR I wanted to talk with others receiving the same treatment, but never found anyone. I started three years ago. When I read Dr. Starlanyl also receives MFR by the same guy who trained my therapist, I was excited!!!

    Keep us posted on your trigger point work. Fondly June
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    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks June for the tip on the book. I wrote it down before to remind myself to get it and keep forgetting!

    Glad the Myofascial release is helping you Linda and hope it continues too.

    Kathi, sorry to hear about your arm and the surgery. The type pain in my trigger points is a burning pain. It may vary person to person though. You might want to look into seeing a chiropractor who is informed about trigger points and myofascial release. Just make sure they are educated on it and explain everything to you before trying it on you. I have a tens unit but it doesn't seem to help too much. Sometimes it makes me feel worse. We all are different cases though, what helps some of us might not help the rest of us unfortunately, but i figure things are worth a try as long as they are not harmful.

    Hope you all are feeling better soon. I'll keep you updated!

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    on this arm. It felt better after treatment, but pulling off the sticky electrodes just about killed me!! Wish I'd thought about that before I put them on lol. Won't be doing that again!!

    Take care.......Kathi
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    I have read the book .It is the best I have ever read,I just keep reading hoping to find help,today I had to have cortizone shot in my right hip,that hurts now I really am in pain,I also have Epilepsy,anyone else have same problems?I also have nerve damage in left arm,at night it goes numb,I dont like nights ,I donot get much rest,I also have swelling of rigth foot &discoloration,as you can read I really am a mess