A vent of sorts (already)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nerdieduckie, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    Hm, I just joined, and already a rant has come up from me, but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

    I have missed 20 days of school in a row so far, due to flareups. We've been working with my school to provide a homebound teacher to help me catch up and so on. After we submitted the paperwork, we received an email from the woman in charge saying that my german, french, and orchestra classes cannot be accomodated, and that I will have to stop my course of getting the Academic Honors Diploma.

    German, french, and orchestra are my life. I don't want those to be taken away from me just because I cannot get up at 7:42 AM every morning or walk around a huge school with 3 flights of stairs. I also don't want to have to switch diplomas, and have all my hard work turn out to be for nothing.

    Mum still has to talk to her, because she wants to try to work something out, but to be honest, I'm scared. And mad. Life just isn't meant to go the way you want it, no matter how hard you hope, is it?
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  2. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Sorry to hear about your dilemma. What year are you in at school? Can you retake the german, french and orchestra at another time? I was just wondering if you always have to miss a lot of school, or if this is the first time. Well, I hope when your Mum talks to the woman in charge, they are able to think of something. Stay positive! Kim
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Keep fighting the school. They have to provide at least the twoi languages iF YOU ARE TAKING EXAMS IN SAME. Orchestra, well they could provide a taxi for you.

    So sorry. Love Anne
  4. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    Boltchik, I'm a junior, and I could always take the languages next year, but I'd be farther behind than I'd like to. I'm really strong in German and could get into fourth year easily, but not if I can't take it this year :-\ Last year I missed 51 days today I think, with 25 of those being during the last 9 weeks.

    Orchestra really wouldn't matter either way, I have my 2 performing arts credits for graduating, but it's an outlet/theraputic for me, especially since I was allowed to take on a new instrument this year.

    I'm trying to stay positive, it is just really hard v_v But I've never been much of a positive person anyway. The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just sitting there on the table. *shrug*
    We'll see what happens I guess.

    Thank you and Cromwell both for your words of support <3
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  5. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I'm so sorry for what you're going through and especially at such a young age. I wanted to respond because you sound like my son. I read him your post and he totally understood you. Except he said when he looks at a glass of water he doesn't see the 1/2 empty, 1/2 full, he wants to know..is that water or Sprite?....lol...lol.

    I think it is fascinating and wonderful that you love languages and aspire to learn so much. Unfortunately it's getting harder to get Alan to want to learn anything. He loves to write and is always working on an ongoing story he's developing. He also plays online games like World of Warcraft and StarWars Jedi Academy. He gets upset and stresses when people don't play fair. He's a helper type person who is pretty much turning in to a hermit because he does not want to be around people. He suffers from really low self-esteem and he knows that no one his age understands the pain he's in.

    I hope everything goes well for you and good luck with school. I'll pray that your flare ends soon so you can return to school. I have homeschooled Alan for the past 3 years because he absolutely can not deal with that environment.
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I so sorry you've had to find out so early about life not always going the way you want it to. That's not to say it's bad, mind you; just because it's what we want doesn't always mean it's what's meant to be. Not only that but in the early days there is so much room for repositioning that it pays to be patient. If you think I'm fatalistic about life you'd be right. It's much easier than fighting it which I did for a great many of my years.

    I'm so impressed with you, your resolve and your interests. I just know that it will work out, maybe not quite in the time frame you'd like it to, but in the long run. The secret, my friend, is knowing yourself. If you know yourself you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

    Keep the faith! But vent any time.

  7. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    I know a lot of families that home school their kids and they go to a regular school for classes they can't do at home like band and sports, see if you can continue to attend those three classes and get the others at home.
  8. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    We talked about that, and found a set of online classes to take care of my regular curriculum that would be really good for me , but they have to be approved by the school before they will accept me as being partially-homeschooled, and mum doesn't want to submit the information until I can prove I can attend halfday classes regardless. I'd be going in at 11 AM but during this flareup I'm in, I'd be lucky to get there by 1.

    oy. -_-
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  9. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I'm lucky I have an appointment with my fibro doctor on the 26th. My mum and I can't figure out why I'm flaring so badly. I've been avoiding the wheat (except for some of my supplements which I HAVE to take, so lesser of two evils...), the weather has been fairly stable, and the only stress I've been under is worrying about missing so much school, so we're all confused!

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