A Veterans story unusual but true

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    I am a Veteran but this is'nt about me. And it has a medical point so I will eventually get to it. This is about my brother-in-law a Vietnam Veteran. I originally was going to write a post about him negatively.How he infuriates me not being sick like we are.He has lived his life self destructively and is one of healthiest people I know.Then I remembered he once was very sick with something called Bushetts Syndrom.It is a very rare autoimmune disease.The symptoms are lesions that eat into the flesh. The other symtoms he had mimic FM and CFS.I remember that stress would bring on an attack. And that it was immune system not working right. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and I beleive that was the true origin of his disease. I beleive they-( the V.A.) found a disease that fit the symtems he was having.Another story forgive my rambling fibro fog. I guess I should get to the medical point. He was treated with chemo drugs Pregnizone,Coltrozene.( I'm guessing at spelling) He was on these drugs atleast 5 yrs.Longer than he should have been, V A Drs goofed. My final point being he got well,in remission whatever.He was an alcoholic and smokes three packs of cigarettes a day to this day.No healthy diet,he eats what he wants.He recovered from a disease of the immune system by taking chemo drugs I have read just recently one or two ladies taking chemo drugs for cancers. There symtems of FM and or CFS had went away. There has to be something to this. Hope I made some sence. I thought this was worth telling. Terry
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    My Mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and it was news to me when her Rheumie prescribed chemo drugs for her arthritis. I guess it helps her some, she also takes the new shots for it, among many other things. I've often wondered if the chemo drugs would help us FM sufferers. Wish I could afford her doc, but she's not on my insurance.

    Brenda :eek:)
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    My question is why has'nt a Dr. picked up on this? I know chemo drugs are bad,but being in pain 24/7 has to be bad over yrs. Chemo drugs have saved lives. I believe a lot of us feel like were dying at times. Some if not all consider suicide, at some of our low points. I know wrong but if only a passing thought it proves the seriousness of this DD. Why not a study, why does'nt some brave Dr. somewhere try chemo? Is it because this DD is'nt fatal? On a dreary cold, wet day when you hurt all over it feels fatal. I beleive sometimes the answer does'nt have to be some complicated mass. Lets hope someone will finally have interest. Jellybelly,Joannie !, and others are doing great work in our interest.
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    Something so toxic that all one's hair falls out. Today, there are all kinds of chemo and no all of it makes people so sick nor do they always lose their hair.

    My dear friend with Lupus has outlived most everyone in her support group and she was told years ago that she could die at any time. Well, she is always fighting for her health. Her doc gave her chemo and she is doing great despite a very, and I do mean very, stressful life.

    Love, Mikie
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    After my dad had radiation he was crippled with R.A. He had all the complaints I have constant pain, fatigue etc. He was not a complainer, he said in his entire life even the cancer he was never so sick and incapacitated. Later when cancer returned, he was put on cancer meds. his RA went into remission. He said RA was worse than the CA. My p.t. btw had liver & pancreatic cancer, told me after working on me he would not trade bodies.