" A Warrior's Daily Devotional For 12/27 "

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    About the work we do…

    Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. (NIV)

    In our relationship with God, we tend to realize we have limited power. We often trust God in the same way and in the same amounts that we trust others. Some people can trust God completely in all matters. Others have little trust in God and feel insecure in giving over to God those matters that can be helped by God. Some people are the true do-it-yourselfer's who want to do all things themselves and who do not trust God to take care of anything at all. There are other people of faith who trust God so completely they are unaware they are giving God an opportunity to work in their lives. Each of us must strive to focus not so much on how much trust we have but how much work we are doing for our Lord. The more work we do for God, the more work He does for us. When we are busy doing work for God, the amount of trust we have begins to fade away in importance. For it is the work we do in trust and in faith that is more important than getting power or things from God as a result of our faith and trust.
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    Hello Judy,

    Giving our lives over to God, I mean, problems,worries, everything is so hard. But it's easy for me when things are going along fine, but when life thows those curves, I sure can resist giving it to the Lord. But thru this board and remembering this , I'm getting better. If you have any words of wisdom, I'm listening. I'm so much like my Mom, just a big worry wart sometimes. But I know the Lord has a plan for me, and I have faith in him.