" A Warrior's Daily Devotional For 12/28 "

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    About what God wants from you…

    Matthew 1:20 …to take Mary home as your wife (NIV)

    Mary, like us, needed the love, trust, faith, and comfort of another person believing in her. Mary, like us, also needed the comfort and security of a home. For Mary and Joseph, Satan had other ideas than love, trust, comfort and security as a result of Christ's birth. For you, Satan has other ideas than having people love you, trust you, and having faith in you. God wanted Joseph to be as much of an earthly protector of Mary as possible. In the same way, God wants you to be the earthly protector of others as much as you are able. As we look at it, God's directive to Joseph was not some kind of grand plan with a thousand details. God's goal and mission for Joseph was really quite simple. God's goal for Joseph was for Joseph to take Mary home as his wife…to love, honor, and cherish her. In the same way, God's goal and plan for your life is also quite simple. God's goal and plan for your life is to take Christ into your heart and to love Him, honor Him, and cherish Him. Joseph was not directed by God to create some kind of worldwide public relations event. Joseph was not directed to conquer a nation. Joseph was not directed to draw any attention too himself. Purely and simply, God wanted Joseph to be a good husband for Mary and a good earthly father for Jesus. From Joseph, God wanted love. From you, God also wants love. And when you give what God wants you to give, you will find the power...