" A Warrior's Daily Prayer For 12/17"

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    Most Precious Lord Jesus, Gentle And Wonderful God, Truly Awesome And Ever-present Holy Spirit,
    Precious Lord Jesus, I love you.
    I know you know me, just as you knew Mary and Joseph.
    I wish I knew as much about you as you know about me, but that would be impossible.
    However, I give thanks and praise to you, for you are my personal God.
    Even when my body hurts, my heart overflows in praise and thanksgiving.
    Even when the fevers come and cause me to be ill, my heart resounds with your touch of love.
    Even when I think no one knows me, you touch my shoulder and I remember that you know my every thought, word, and deed.
    You know there are times when I want to go my own way rather than your way.
    You know there are times when I want you to talk to me or move things around in my life like I want.
    However, as your humble child, I surrender my will and I surrender my life to you.
    Help me accept whatever you want for me and from me in my life.
    As your humble child, whatever you think is best for me, I will try to accept.
    You know my name just as you knew Mary and Joseph's name. You know everything about me just like you knew everything about Mary and Joseph.
    You are my personal God.
    You know my defeats and my victories.
    You know my trials and my triumphs.
    I know you love me.
    I can feel your spirit of love within my heart.
    May I be as humble as Mary and Joseph so you can touch my life in numerous amazing ways like you touched them.
    When I am given choices in my daily life, always let me choose to do your will and walk your way rather than my way.
    All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely. Amen

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    That was wonderful! I will meditate on this all day today.
    Wish I could print it out to keep? Suzanne
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    Thanks so much for that Judy. I'll sure be thinking about it all day. Thanks so much.