" A Warrior's Daily Prayer For 12/25 "

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    We love the story of your birth.
    Every time we hear or read the story of your birth, instill in us a sense of the story's deeper meaning.
    No one but you, Lord, could have molded and shaped the circumstances of such a story as this.
    The story of your precious birth is told over and over each Christmas season.
    May this story ring true and be fully written on our hearts and lives.
    May every word of your truth in your scripture ring true and be written on our hearts and lives.
    May we be able to feast upon the story of your birth.
    May we also be reminded of your death upon the cross.
    May the story of your birth and life change us, mold us, and shape us to be a more humble child in your sight.
    In whatever way that is possible, may the gentle peace of the story of your birth change our hearts in the deepest possible way.
    In whatever way that is possible, may you bestow upon us a way to shine the light of your love to others, just as the star of Bethlehem shone its light over the place where you were born.
    Thank you for working in the life of your blessed apostle Matthew who gave us this account of your coming into the world.
    Thank you for preserving these words of yours that are such a blessing to us these many years later.
    Thank you for making our lives so much richer and fuller.
    Thank you for being the true light of our world.
    All these things we humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen.

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    So great to read such a wonderful Daily prayer.
    I pray the Lord Blesses us all and I'm so greatful to him for all the blessings he has already given me.