A win-lose situation

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    Today I took my duaghter, who has fms to her rheumatalagist. And one problem that concerned me was her meds. They had her on naprasen and all it did was make her stomach upset. The first time my daughter said something, her doc said to go to her primary doc. Her doc said to go back. So we did. first the dr says, anti-inflamitory meds don't usually work for people with fms. Then she says that my daughter doesn't need anything but tylenol. This is after she was told it had no effect . So I said well what am I suppost to do, give her tylenol we she in so much pain she can barely move and shes crying. Don't you know that this @#$%%^&^ woman looked me in the eye and said yes, I don't believe she should have a crutch. I didn't yell or curse or stutter like I usually do when I get upset. I tried very hard to explain that its the difference sometimes in whether we function or not. she has been stressing that my daughter go to school even when she hurting.the nurse at school even offered to keep some meds for her at school. I told her it wasn't right and And I did not leave until she wrote her a prescription . so what she gives he finally is another anti inflamatory. I left feeling sick and with a headache. But Even though I managed to get her something I feel like I REALLY let her down.
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    who will LISTEN to you! This rheumatologist doesn't sound like he/she knows much about fibro ... there are things that can help without being a "crutch." Check the "good doctors" list.

    Jan ^v^
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    I hope you are Dr. shopping.
    Perhaps this site can find you someone knowledgeable in FMS in your area. Perhaps Mikie the moderator has some suggestions.
    But I know when my Dr. left on maternity leave I went on "interviews" until I found one I felt I could deal with.
    Devin Starlanyl (sp?) has good points to look for in all your medical contacts in her second book.
    However you can't own these peoples failure(neglect) in providing your daughter with proper medical/pain management. As you probably have noticed. alot of the people here in this site have pain management problems.
    I have had this disease diagnosed anyway since 1989, and have avoided medications as much as I could. I only recently began taking Lortab on a semiregular basis, and that is for another condition entirely. I feel that it is important for you to know that in ANY disease, there is no such thing as complete absence of pain. The medications help you bear it, but it doesn't , can't take it away with out undesirable side effects. The ONLY time a Dr. will give you enough drugs to eliminate pain is in terminal illness.
    You don't say how old your daughter is but I am assuming she is old enough to talk with her frankly and explain this.
    It is true that Naprosyn (andf alot of other NSAIDS) have no effect on fms. If your DR. doesn't know this than it is definietly time for a new Dr. Ask your primary for a referral to another rheumatologist. Get anothe ropinion and don't give up. Continue to be a strong advocate for your Dr.
    I do agree that your daughter should try to go to school even when she is sore and achey. In full flares she won't be able to. Ask your Dr. for a note to avoid gym.
    Good luck.
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    We have to accept the ugly fact that there are some very bad docs out there. They may be uncaring, unknowledgeable, or both. When we encounter one of these docs, we need to decide to find the kind of doc we deserve. There are good, caring, and knowledgeable docs out there. It may take some time to find a good one, but it is critical to healing.

    Second, as angry as this can make us feel, we need to conserve our energy for positive things and not fuming over the horrible care some docs dish out. Sweetie, blow it off, literally. I take a deep breath and blow it off. There is something mentally soothing about the physical act of blowing someone off. Then, let it go and move on.

    Love, Mikie

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    Without Rewriting what i said to another person
    (abought this pain& med stuff \ please read the post
    HELP I Hear Everyone Talking abought pain meds
    posted by JLH
    This will help you'r daughter, God bless you & good luck cindy
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    I was trying so hard just to reason with her. My daughter is 15 and we talk alot .A i know she tries really hard to get through the day when it gets rough. we've talked about meds not taking it away, but bring it down to a more reasonable place. My concern was just the bad days. We all know how those ca be very bad. I saw a military doc, But i know this one is on somebody elses planet not mine. So I'm gonna see what I can do to find a more caring doc.