A woman healed from Fibro

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    By Adrienne S. Gaines
    A 47-year-old woman who was once "waiting to die" after years of living with constant pain has been transformed through a move of God that has touched her North Carolina church.

    Darlene Smith can hardly stop talking about the healing that has freed her from the fibromyalgia that saw her lose the use of her hands and shoulders, and meant that even just sitting for a couple of hours caused her body to swell so much she could not wear shoes.

    "I'm just believing God that what happened to me would become commonplace to everybody," Smith said. Her dramatic turnaround came during a service at Life Community Church (LCC) in Research Triangle Park, when, she said, she had a vision in which Jesus laid his hand on her head.

    Miracles such as hers have been reported increasingly among the 1,500-member congregation since last summer, with accounts of healings and angelic visitations. Pastor Kingsley Fletcher said the events are a move of God, the fruit of congregational fasting and prayer, and an answer to a cry for God's presence to reside with the church.

    Who knows just how far our prayers will take us? I REALLY believe as we continue to pray, in faith, believing that we can have "headlines" too. After all, God hasn't retired from the miracle business...it's one of his specialties.

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    "The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well." James 5:15

    God Bless All of You. Mama

    What a praise, the power of faith and prayer is proven!
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    One of the greatest things the lord ask of us, is our faith in him. I believe in the Lord`s will. He will do what is best for me. The Lord may not have healed me of my RA yet, but he has healed me spiritually, which is the greatest gift of all. Blessings, Sunrise