A Wonderful Exchange

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    A Wonderful Exchange

    "Do not be anxious about anything, but in
    everything, by prayer and petition, with
    thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the
    peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
    will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ
    Jesus." Philippians 4:6,7

    It seems that when we're diagnosed with a chronic
    illness, we're given a bag of concerns and worries that
    other people don't even have to think about. We have to
    find the right doctors and take the right medication.
    We have concerns about health insurance and finances.
    We have worries about our abilities, our jobs, our
    future, the on-going state of our health, and how much
    of this we can really take.

    And yet, the Word tells us to be anxious for nothing.
    It doesn't say—be anxious for nothing, unless you have
    a chronic illness, then of course you should worry
    because you have more to worry about! There is truth to
    the admonition, "Don't worry yourself sick." Indeed.
    We don't want to add to our own stress by constant

    The key is to take the time to "present our requests
    to God." It's all too easy to say, "Well, of course
    I've been praying about it. I think about it 20 times
    a day!" But guess what? Thinking about our problems
    is not the same as praying about them.

    When our mind is going over the same loop of
    information that centers on our concerns, we need to
    stop ourselves. Are we praying or just worrying? We
    need to specifically go before the Lord and ask for His
    help and release it into His hands. THEN, the peace of
    God, which none of us can really explain or understand,
    will put our hearts and minds at rest.

    It's a wonderful exchange. The Lord wants to give us
    peace for worry. Let's take Him up on it.


    Erica Faraone lives with her wonderful husband, Scott,
    in Whitefish, MT. After suffering with fibromyalgia
    for ten years, she has recently experienced an on-going
    recovery, for which she gives the Lord great praise!
    Her prayer is that each of us will release all of our
    concerns to the Lord and experience His peace.

    Compliments of Rest Ministries, serving people
    Who live with chronic illness or pain.
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    thank you for posting.......

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    Amen. I needed this today.