A wonderful movie about religious diversity working.

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    There is a wonderful movie called, "Arranged" which is about two women, one Orthodox Jew and the other Muslim, who become friends at the school where they teach. They are both seen as outcasts at the school, even among people of their faith. Both have parents who plan to for their daughters to be in arranged marriages.

    I thought the movie would be very predictable but it is not. How the two women resolve their predicaments while respecting their beliefs is inspiring.

    BTW, The movie is based on a true story, shot in two weeks and many of the scenes take place in the author's home, who is one of the women in the movie.

    The extras at the end of the movie are worth watching. You can download this movie for free on Netflix.

    I have even thought of buying this movie. I do not usually do that.

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    lived in that world. Before she went to live in Jerusalem she lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She is an orthodox woman and she dates through a traditional matchmaker but she makes all her own decisions and choices. She's very independent but fully in that world. Even in the world of orthodoxy there is a range of lifestyles. Many of the things I feared about her living a deeply religious life have not come to pass. I feared she would have little independence. I did not know that she would be so independent she would take herself off, alone, to live in the middle east!!!

    I think the lesson is to not worry because you're probably worrying about the wrong thing anyway.

    Ah well...