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    Right now so many of us are going through hard and troubling times and it's easy to lose hope. Let's share some messages or scriptures of hope.

    Psalm 33 is a powerful message from God and speaks to each of us during our struggles. Psalm 33:20 is about the hardest thing to do...

    We wait in hope for the Lord, he is our help and our shield.In him our hearts rejoice.

    The rejoicing part I can do with noooo problem. I have some real problems with the waiting part.

    Lord I pray that you pour out patience and faith in abundance to all worship board members, those known and heard and those unknown and quiet. We thank you for your many blessings. Amen
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    I think waiting is something I really need help with. My type A personality always wanted immediate results.

    So much of our lives are spent waiting... red lights, check out lines, kids to get home, etc.

    Many years ago I had a button that I wore on my choir robe underneath the stole where nobody could see it. It said: LORD, GRANT ME PATIENCE BUT PLEASE HURRY.

    I am working on it. Thanks for the reminder.
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    I sure understand, I'm the same way.

    With all the stuff happening to a lot of us right now I'm trying to find messages of hope in God's word. It's hard to be patient,or at least it is for me.

    Take care sweetie
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    I have a hard time with both rejoicing and patience. Sometimes, it just doesn't seem like there is anything to rejoice about. I've been hurt, betrayed, and disappointed so many times that I've found it's just easier to keep my expectations low and not get my hopes up too high. Then it hurts a heck of lot less when things inevitably fall apart.

    When I worked retail, I once had this woman who had rubber stamped this saying on all her checks. It said "Patience is a virtue I don't have." My mom tells me that I am hands down the most stubborn, impatient person she has ever met. I have to admit, patience has never been one of my strongest points.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    I think patience is a problem a LOT of believers have. That's why I pray for it often.

    Somewhere in the bible it mentions how easy it is for us to rejoice when everything is going well, but the hard part is to rejoice when we're in the valley. All I can say is...ain't that the truth.

    It's really hard to find joy when you're life is upside down, you're in pain and everything imaginable is going wrong. However, I've had times in my own life that I made myself rejoice during those times (because I was mad at God and I wanted to test him) I'm often times like a rebellious teenager in my spiritual journey and I test him like a child tests a parent at times. Anyway, He did respond to my rejoicing when things were going wrong and changed my situation. I couldn't believe it and it opened my eyes in that area, if only temporarily because being human and hard-headed I don't listen or learn very well....LOL.

    I know how you're feeling! Thanks for responding. It's great to discuss this kinda thing with other people. You're fun to talk to.
    Take Care
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    for sharing that with us LittleBlueStem. I really like that hymn also. I remember singing that in church very often.

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    Have been having a very tough time lately, as most of us seem to be having. Have not been reading or posting much.

    Feeling very sorry for myself, very anxious about my recovery and then while over a friends house today I happened to see this written on a small piece of paper and it hit me so hard.

    Do Not Be Anxious About Anything But In Everything
    By Prayer, and Petition with Thanksgiving, Present Your Requests To God.

    Wow this was just what I needed to see today, I hope it helps someone else.

    Love to you all,
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    So good to praise God for his many blessings!! For we do have sooo many blessings from him and when we are sick we sometimes forget all that he is doing for us.

    God Bless you for sharing this