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  1. morningsonshine

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    God Is There

    When the sky is dark-
    He is there

    When you are all alone-
    He is there

    When nothing goes your way-
    He is there

    When you are in pain-
    He is there

    When people are against you-
    He is there

    When you are frightened or worried-
    He is there

    When those you love are in crisis-
    He is there

    When you feel God is far away-
    He is there

    When doubt and confusion weigh you down-
    He is there

    When you are about to breathe your last-
    He is there
    And where God is there is always hope.

    Dr. Steve Stephens

    I wanted to share this with all my christian fellows here.

    It seemed fitting.

    Praise His name, Oh my soul,
    and all that is with in me
    Praise His Holy Name!


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  2. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Jesus said He is always with us helping us. When all is sileht God is still moving.
  3. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    for the reminder and the blessing of those words. Bless you for sharing that with us.

  4. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    thank you so much for posting this,
    I"ve not slept most of the night and have a terrible headache,things in my life are pretty low right now.
    I"m trying to deal with this thing with my Grandson, we"ve try to help him get a job which he did and then the temp place let him go, he made it through court and has that behind him,he sat in jail last week but he out.
    I told his parents that he could stay in our motor home when he got another job so he"d be able to catch a ride with someone here in town,til he gets his license back the 28th of May.
    His Mom just called and told meI could just take him in right now.because she doesn"t want him around,she wants him out of the house before his tax refund comes back,which Michael needs to help him pay to get his license back,shes going to keep it.
    If we don"t take him in and take the problem on ,he can live on the streets,Michael has to go to court order meetings once a week in another town if he misses one meeting he will go back to jail ,so I ask her if she would take him to these meetings ,she said no,I ask her if she could help take him around to look for a job,she refuses to help.
    he,s been out of a job for 3wks now she has not once took him anywhere to seek employment.
    her husband has a state job and they could have put him in rehab 2 yrs ago and their Ins would have payed ,but they didn"t want anyone to know,my daughter works at a Dr office.3days a week.
    My hubby and I went and talked to Michael yesterday and he just stood and cried .he found a friend to take him to his meeting last night. right now he has no money, no license
    and his Mother won"t even help out by bringing him a few things to eat while hes in our motorhome,Michael isn"t the kind of a kid that will ask for anything,hes been on the street hungry before,

    we"ve tried to help we payed for the Attorney,which Michael was paying us back when he was working,we"ve bought him a car,so when he gets his license back he can get to work.but his parents will not help us out in any way. hes MOM SAID IF HE DIDN'T MAKE IT TO HIS MEETINGS HE COuLD JUST GO TO JAIL,THAT WAY THEY WOULD BE RID OF HIM.
    when I read your post it gave me hope again,I"ve been praying that God would help me hang on and have the strenght to help Michael,but you know what stress does to us ,and I"m feeling more pain and fatigue everyday I don"t how much longer I can hang on without just getting to the point I can"t get out of bed. thank you for letting me vent.and please remember us in your prayers. sixtyslady

  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I need it myself yesterday, and went back and read it again.

    Somedays!! sigh-------------


    Today is the day that the Lord has made,
    I'll be glad and rejoice in it!!
  6. PoimaeHopkins

    PoimaeHopkins New Member

    Dear New Friend,

    Thankyou very much for posting the poem - it is encouraging.
    I, too, love poetry: check out
    "How To Sail The Sea of Suffering"
    "Just A Load of Whites"

    I just came on board this week and I have already been greatly blessed by what I have read. It is good to know you are not alone - on the human level.

    On my best days, I still "cowboy." Pawhuska, Oklahoma is right in the middle of Osage County - and that means "cattle country!" :)
    A couple of cowhands help me into a saddle and I strap in for the day. On a 30,000 acre ranch (belongs to a Christian Rancher friend) steers have a way of wanderin' a piece. Usually it takes a crew of about nine cowboys to cover the necessary range to bring in the 300-500 head of cattle that we work with at a time. I'm not able to do any roping anymore, but I can still make a clean brand and I can give a few shots. Can't do any "cuttin'" anymore - too much pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders.
    But I love to ride the range and feel the wind in my face. God sure knows how to make beautiful country. I've never been up North your way, but I understand He did a might fine job up there, too.
    Well, enough said for now. Got to go.
    Have a great day!

    Your new friend,

  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Welcome to the board you"ll find many friends here and support,
    My family also are Horse people.
    we have seven right now.I can"t ride much anymore but my hubby and son ride.and our Grandkids ride and show so I still get to enjoy the horses.
    welcome again sixtyslady
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I don't know how i missed seeing your poems the other day, but will go and read them!

    I didn't write this poem, but i have written afew and posted them in the past, i'll go bump one up for you to read.

    I found one, called, Rough Draft, i didn't do any editing on it, came as is.

    I would love to see your country, i love wide open spaces, they call to my heart. My parents have land out in North Dakota, there are a few cowboy genes in my family.

    I've been on a horse since before i've been born. I use to spend my summers riding bareback, feeling glued to my horse. Now i can barely ride, my hearts start to race, and i feel out of balance, and fatigue so easily.

    I day dream about riding, the smell of a warmed up horse. I go out and brush my horses, then i need to go in and lay down.
    I have a three year old Spanish Mustang filly, that needs trained. I wish i knew a good cowboy to send her to for a summer.
    (Not the hell-bent for leather, bronk rider type, but the slow easy, i'm smarter than you, lets be friends, type)

    You are very blessed to have acess to a christian ranch, enjoy it as much as you possible can.

    Up North where i am, is bush and swamp country, it is beautiful in the fall when all the leave turn, but i love driving west, and seeing the trees fall behind, and the rolling hills open up.
    Gets alittle boring when it's completely flat, i like the hills, and bluffs.
    Of course we have great hunting and fishing, which my husband and boys love.

    Well know i've said enough,
    Your new friend in Christ,
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