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    As I sit here reading all the post on "trusting God" and wondering if he "puts more on us than we can bear"..these are the thoughts that come to my mind.

    I have had fibro and CF for about twenty years. I am diabetic and have really bad arthritis. I just had a knee replacement in December. My husband is very sick with diabetes. His blood sugars cannot be controlled and his blood sugars drop w/o warning and he goes into seizures.
    In the last three months he has had four seizures in which he almost died. His blood sugar have to be checked every four hours to make sure they remain high enough to keep him from having a seizure. He is 75 and his memory is getting bad, therefor I have to watch him 24/7..like taking care of a baby and needless to say I get very tired and discouraged. The diabetes had destroyed his lungs, kidneys and eyes. There is nothing else that can be done for him and we are just 'trusting ' the Lord for strengh to 'be faithful until He calls us home. We have been married 34 years and have no children and no one else to help us..we just try to care for each other.

    The word trust means to turn loose of yourself..all your plans and ideas and ways to do things and place yourself in someone elses care. That is a had thing to do because the flesh is weak and wants to be in charge..thit is natural.

    But God, is a Holy God and the Bible says he is a jealous God. He created man in his own image for the sole purpose of man to worship Him, and bring Honor and Glory unto him.

    The LOrd has dealt with me a lately on "seeking His FACE and not his HAND. I noticed all my prayers were seeking God's hand to do for me what I needed..give me this, take care of that, heal Russ, heal me, help me pay this bill,ect. Then while reading the Bible I read where
    we were suppose to seek HIS FACE..to worship Him, and Honor
    HIM beause he is a HOLY God..and they that worship Him must
    worship Him in spirit and truth. God is not someone we come to with a shopping list. The truth was I wanted what God could do for me and supply for me. I was not
    seeing Him as a Holy God; in all His glory and majesty and pureness. I knew he love me and I belived he would supply all my needs in my head ..but not really in my heart. My heart was not pure and I was not prepared worship God; just because He was God unless there was something in it for me.
    I always had a back up plan..just in case He didn't come through.
    Many post I have read has discussed the book of Job. Job said , "though they slay me yet will I serve him." I could not say that, I am sorry to admit.

    I also believe all good things come from God and all bad things come from Satan. Nothing can come to us unless it passes through the hands of God first. He (God) allows Satan to put things on us..not as punishment..but as a test, to teach us things we need to
    learn and to make us stronger ..and I believe to increase
    our faith. God doesn't put things on us..he allows its. Satan condmens...God convicts..shows us things in our lives we need to change.

    I love the verse in Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy
    All means everything..holding nothing back for "just in case." Some times I think I know more about me and my
    problems than the Lord does and I tend to want to handle it with my own understanding. I should know, that with having fibro fog that I would be the last person to trust to have good understanding, and to make wise decisions.

    In all they ways" is a very complex thing..the way we
    think, the way we handle things, the way we precieve others, the way we see our own situation.

    In this verse He is saying to handle things the way He would, to act like He would.to proceed with patience, be kind, loving, giving ..puting others first and our own self last. The last part of this vers he give us a promise, and He is God and He cannot lie..He promises to "direct our paths".
    Paths here plural; so it means more than one ..we go down many paths in lif; usualy at the same time with so many things going on in our life at the same time. It is not always a path we choose to go down..especialy one that has fibromyalgia and many other sickness on it..but it is not the only path we travel. But, if we trust Him while we are on this path, He will go on it with us and He will stay with us until we reach the end of it.
    While we travel this "path of fibro" we can also at the same time travel other paths . Paths of new friends, paths of learning new ways to cope, paths of 'seeking the face of God and learning more about who He is.
    The more I learn about Jesus and who He really is and how he handled situations and his thoughts and actions the stronger I become in my ability to handle my sickness and my husband's battle with diabetes. Jesus suffered more pain and humilation than I will ever experience..and He didn't deserve any of it.
    We cannot get strength from someone we don't trust and
    the only way we can trust him is to know him..really know him. Jesus wants us to love him..He loves us. He wants us to come to him and crawl up in his lap and "rest" He says, "Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest."
    I am praying for all those who have replied to this topic and I hope something I have written about my struggle with 'thinking that God had forgotten about me" and " was putting more on me than I could handle" was thoughts He awas allowing me to think inorder to urge me to get to know who He was and His purpose for allowing this to happen to me.

    Love and prayers to all,

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    Very beautifully put! You are so right about seeking His face.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Lord, help us to turn our selves loose and worship you, seek your face, and trust, no matter what our eyes, and circumstance is telling us.

    I too have had some extra stuff heaped up on my plate, new problems, and issues with my family, and children.

    It can be so very overwheming at times. Remember Peter, when he walked on the water with Jesus, he didn't sink, until he took his eyes of the Lord, and looked at the water.(trouble)

    It's so easy to look at the water in life, it threatens to drown us, lets continue to remind and encourage each other to Look at Jesus, Seek His Face!!

    What a blessing this post has been to my heart!

    God Bless, in Love,

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    thank you so much for posting, I was feeling so down and asking God to help me hang on to my faith.

    but when I read your post it made me realize that thats what I do is just ask God,for help.
    I also thank him for the blessings in my life,but I tend to hang on to a backup plan also,and I need to let go and let God. take over.

    May God bless you and your hubby.
    blessings sixtyslady
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    Thanks for the reminder. I have been reading for a few months for inspiration, and encouragement, but have never posted. This moved me enough to do so. Thanks again and God bless.
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    Your post was such a blessing to me. I just kept saying AMEN in my mind as I was reading it. Thank you for posting this.

    By the way, my brother was a severe diabetic like your husband. He was on peritoneal dialysis, waiting for a kidney/pancreas transplant. He had gone blind twice and had surgery to repair his vision both times. I totally understand the blood sugar drops and the seizures and with him it was continuous trips to the hospital via ambulance. He suffered tremendously with this horrible disease and it's affects on every organ in his body. He went to be with the Lord 11/13/05 at the age of 45. He and his wife had been married for 25 years.

    I know what you and your husband are going through and I pray for you to have strength.

    Thanks again for your wonderful post, it meant so much to me.
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    Hi Shep

    I usually do not read such long posts, only because I get to the end and forget the begining, lol. My mind travels so when I read that I have a hard time keeping up with it. I was a little confused when I was reading your post and then I saw what you were trying to say. You are so right and used such beautiful words.

    thank you for posting this, I am sure this will touch the heart of many others that are struggling. Times can get very tough, especially in facing sickness, our health so important to us.

    You and your husband will be in my prayers


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    Beautifully spoken.
    I can only add one thing. I believe it is OK to ask. The scriptures actually tell us to ask. Maybe we are asking for the wrong things, but we should ask. We should voice our feelings, our concerns and our needs to a loving God, also realizing that His plan is greater than ours and there must be some reason for all things in His grand design. We won't ever have all the answers while on earth, but I do believe there is a master plan and we live in that plan. We are told we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. We were never told it wouldn't be without pain, or sorrow, or things we don't understand, we were only told it would be worth it - I guess, for our eternal spiritual development. I do believe this life is a great test. God bless you and your families to have the strength to endure and the light to see his goodness in your life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the negatives and we cannot see that He puts positives in our lives each and every day.
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    I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my post and reply.

    I don't post very much, as I feel I don't have a lot to say that isn't already said in other post. But, God had placed those thoughts on my hear so strongly I had to obey.

    I have added each and everyone of you to my prayer list. God knows all and every need. He answers all our prayers. Yes, it alright to ask for healing, a cure, finanical needs, the needs of our love ones, our nations and our military men and women fighting for our safety.
    His answer is sometimes "yes" sometimes "no" or "wait a while."
    He sees the whole picture ...we don't and he has our best in his plans. We are his children and as we know children don't always know what they are really asking for. !!!

    We may never know on this side of eternity why we have this disease..but someday we will. I worked for 18 yrs. in a state facility for mentally challenged children. I often wondered why they were born in that condition.

    Some of the reasons I now know...they taught me more than all the care I gave them. Someone is watching us all the time and how we handle this disease will impact many people. What the medical community learns from us will someday bring a cure.

    I try to tell people when they say something to me about "I don't know how you do what you do?" I tell them that is when I am allowing Jesus to live through me; and when they see me "as I really am and try not to let anyone see" is when I am letting my flesh rule.
    Somedays when I am in a lot of pain and can't concentrate or even pray, I will just start singing some of the old hymns my mama and grandma sang.
    It is hard to complain and sing at the same time.

    Love and prayers,
  9. windblade

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    Thank you so much for sharing the depths of your experience. You've really encouraged me today, by your pushing ahead to really know, and love, and see God for who he is.

    I can see the fruit of all this by the way people are responding to what you say. I think it is striking a deep chord in us!

    I thank God for your love for him, and thank him that you and your husband are in his loving care.

    Lord, please bless and care for these two children of yours, and lead them all the way into your love.

    Shep, I'm so glad you wrote this.
    Love and prayers, Judy