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    Hi everyone,

    I have a pretty yucky question for you all. My husband has number two's that you have to wear a gas mask when entering the bathroom. I always ask him "what crawled up your a** and died?"
    I know this is pretty gross, and if my husband knew i wrote this, he would be mortified! Anyways, i got burping the other day, and it smelled like what you have to use a gas mask for concerning my sweet patient husband.
    Has anyone gotten this? I did not eat anything unusual that day, or start any new meds. I had to turn my head or get up and walk away so as not to gross anyone out.
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    Thanks to you for replying. But... I was talking about myself with the nasty smelling belches...I was comparing my dh to the smell...LOL!
    When we go to my father in laws house for x-mas, all my hubby's brothers are ther(4 althgether), and his Dad. Us wifes stay outdside right after eating dinner, cuz we know there is massive bad smells in there that bathroom sprays don't possibly touch!