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    Just checked regarding what was sent and found that it is a hoax. Here is what I found on (url removed)

    How To Survive A Heart Attack Alone - Description

    This email hoax started circulating on the Internet in June 1999. It claims that heart attack victims can help themselves through a procedure known as "cough CPR", wherein the victim coughs repeatedly and vigorously while taking deep breaths before each cough. It was intended to serve as a useful know-how to help possible sufferers of heart attacks. However, sources of this email had really little to no idea as to how potentially harmful this information could be, especially to those who are not knowledgeable of this procedure.

    The email message also suggests that this "cough CPR" technique was recommended by Rochester General Hospital and The Mended Hearts support group. Rochester General Hospital has denied this, and The Mended Hearts, on the other hand, released a disclaimer which states, "The American Heart Association does not recommend that the public use this method in a situation where there is no medical supervision." Although cough CPR is a medically approved procedure, this must only be done with professional supervision.

    Trend Micro advises recipients of this email to treat the information contained with much caution. The said procedure is not recommended for non-medically skilled individuals.