A1AT polymorphisms

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  1. KerryK

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    I wonder who among us has an A1AT polymorphism as talked about in the recent ProHealth article on this as it relates to FMS. See: "Fibromyalgia gene discovery: High proportion of patients carry one copy of mutation affecting inflammatory response, brain development"

    I will volunteer that I am one of those with the PiMZ polymorphism. It seems that the article describes me fairly accurately. Anyone else?
  2. FaithHopeCure

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    I must say I have fibro and ADD. I found it interesting that there is a connection between A1AT polymorphisms and ICE phenotype (intense creative energy).

    Patients with ICE phenotype had a significantly higher proportion of A1AT polymorphisms (42%) compared to non-ICE patients (13%) according to the below article.

    Fibromyalgia, mood disorders, and intense creative energy: A1AT polymorphisms are not always silent
    – Source: NeuroToxicology, Mar 10, 2012

    Our brians are genetically different, therefore we tend to be more creative? Maybe there one good thing about having fibro....;)

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