AAAAAAAAhhh too much stress in my life!!!!!!!!

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    I have reached the point of no return with stress the past few weeks, First my Aunt passed away she was 91 so it was a good things for her . She is better off leaving us then staying here and not being able to do the things that she once enjoyed. But it still hurts. Most of my Mom are from Canada and still live there. All of her brothers and sisters live in Canada .

    Most live in Magrath Alberta Canada. My Uncle Delyle just passed away eariler in the week, He had been talking with his daughters as his health has been declining and he couldnot take care of him self so he was moved to a Assisted care liveing Center. And I knew that he would not be there long.
    HE wanted to be with my Aunt for her birthday this saturday. And he passed away within days from that talk. And the Furneral is later today. He wanted to be with her for her birthday and he is,now.

    I have not been back there since 2000 and not be to visit all the family, I have so many cousins that I don't even know where they are and I don't know them very well.
    Losing her sister and BIL in two weeks has been hard on my mother as she is 78 and there is no way for her to drive there for the Funerals.

    Then to add to the stress I have my husband wants to refiance our house and the company who is doing the finacing the house wants a walk though the house to see how much he thinks it is worth and the people who have NOT seen our house tell us that it will sell for $100,000 and there is NO way that it will.So I have a house to clean and walls to wash and a carpet to clean and today all.

    I got done was to wash the cabinets that are on the bottom and I had to srcub them with 409 and it took 2 hours to get it done. I then useed lemon oiled them to look better but it really made me so tired and i came in to the living room and was just resting when my snoring woke me up and I would doze off and on and my husband didn't tell me to get up and do something so that I would stay awake so I slept from 7:30 -10:00 and now i am awake.

    But I have been stressing over all these things and I just can't take much more. To get the amount they think the house is worth would take so much money to put in a new shower stall and to oil all the plywood that is in the bathroom, we don't have the money to do that, so I have no Idea what we are going to do. Our house was built as a basement house and about 16 years ago the guy who we bought the house from built the house and made a upstairs but it is not plume and square and it is horrid.

    We had a house fire in the 90's and the dip we hirped to rebulit the hoseu swas really bad so I am missing all the closet doors because he striped the screws when he tried to put them on ,
    I have a bedroom that is down stairs that has no door because he never put one on it.It finally got to the point that he was so slow and not doing things right that we made out the checks to the people who we had bought the carpet from and all the furniture from.

    Then he had to take them there and have the papers noterized before he could bring them back to my husband and then he thought that he was due another $16,000 and he was not and didn't get is but I lost everything clothes, dishes pot& pans beds you name it he took it to " his ware house" that really was not there .

    And we finally settled with him and my husband was going to finish the things that he didn't do. They stil are not done.

    So haveing our house appriazed it will not be worth &100,00 the they think it wil be . there are to many things that are not finished and need new carpet down stairs. And that carpet is so scary it is a muliticcolored carpet that has striped that run up and down and it is so iccky. So there is alot that really needs to be done but is not going to get fixed.

    I am stressed that we won't get it and we really need the money to pay off some of the bills that my hubby does not pay the medical bills so they are so late, and one hsa been sent to a lawyer and I wil not open the door incase they serve us with papers, to go to court.

    It all is just to much for me. Like I started out with the claning the fronts of the cuboards took so long and made me so tired and i have the kitched and liveing room to clean. I hate the house work but i am doing it .

    Then my dauighter called and said that my grandson who is almost 7 months old feel out of his crib and then fell today against the table and cut his head the poor baby. She says he is ok, but being a grandma for the first time I am worried about him.

    There is to much going on in my life and i am just worn out and don't know what to do any more. I ache all over and I am so tired and just hurt in my hips and thighs and i want to sleep.
    My hubby has type 2 diebites and his blood suger is too high and it is not undercontrol and he has a doctors appt. and he won't let me go telling me that it is not my buiness , good heavens we have been married for 25 years not it is my business and i want him to be healthy but i don't know who to help.

    I got to see my pain doctor and get my meds refilled and my pain doctor has been cahgred with two count os sexual abouse because otwo ladies said that he touched them for kicks and giggles and he is not like that.

    ONe was under VErsed and demoral and she had two nurse's with her at all times and was never left alone with just the doctor, and she thinks that he did some thing but he has his nurses that have given their statements to the police and the other told him where she hurt and it was in her armpit and he touched her a=arm pit
    and it is close to her breast but he didn't touch her to go what she said he did.

    Now I have had people who know about this tell me that I need to find a NEw doctor and finding a pain doctor is so very hard in Utah where pain is not believed. There are NON docotrs who really think there are reasons for chronic pain like fibro and the rest of the pain I have.

    I have 2 discs that are deterating, I have degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, I have 2 bulding discs L4-L5,L5-S1 and then I have arthritis in my left wrist from shattering it and I have arthriitis in my knees and my back.I am in real pain and I am going to file for disabiblty next week but I don't know what to do about my doctor. I don't want to have to drive to ODgen that is 60 miles awaay { I have no car} to find the nearest doctorthat wil treat me and is on our insurance.

    The doctor I see now is not on the insurance butif you figure out that it will cost me $20.00 for the doctors vist if they are a PPO and another $25.00 for gas for my Mom's car. so we don't save a dime.

    I don't want to have to drive that far once a month to see the doctor to get therefills for me and i don't ahe the money to do it. And I like my doctor and I don't think that the case they have against him will pan out and he will really get in trouble. But I do worry because I know that some people who look and act like they are so kind and understanding really would do things like he was cahrged with.

    But I have been seeing him for 3 years and not once has he said anything offenciiie of done anyting that could even be called sexaultoward me. It makes me angry to have people who do this kind of thing and because they din't get the meds they wanted they tell the police that they were touched in a sexual manner.

    So what do I do? Do I look for a new doctor just in case that things don't go right? Or do I stick with him and wait it out ? I don't really know what to do about it and it is giving me a headache alone with the rest of the stresses I have had in the past few weeks.I really need to know what to do?

    I don't want to leave this doctor he has been so understanding and so helpfull and has helped me so much. I need to get some massages but that will have to wait till I get some money and I am doing the streches he ashowed me how to do to help me strech out.I am so upsest about this . And I don't know what to do any more. I have been seeing him while he is here and I pray that he will be found innocent.

    Can anyone help me and let me know what you feel is right for me to do? I am so tired of this headache which is caused by stress, PLease help me.!!!
    Thanks for reading this post.
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    Sounds like you are having alot of the same problems I am having!!

    I can't get much cleanng done either - when I do it takes me forever to do the tiniest bit and i am wore out!!

    I am also having trouble with my pain clinic but in a different way.

    Part of me feels like if you know he has not done any of these things he has been accused of then continue to see him but I am thinking you are saying you are afraid his license will be taken away??

    I wish I could tell you the best way to go but I can't but i did want you to know I am sorry you are going through this
    Well I have hit a sleepy spell and my eyes are crossing like crazy so I ahve to close but will keep you in my prayers


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