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  1. mrsjethro

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    Help. I'm dying!!!

    Actually, fm pain is doing really well right now (go figure) but I've had IBS-D for a week and now I've got a raging UTI. I've got cramps and burning and WHEW!!!! (also have IC)

    I've just put a call in to the doc, but that could take a while. I definitely don't feel like going in, if I don't absolutely have to. Anyone have any immediate suggestions for either one????

    I feel like that screaming woman on the UTI commercial!!!
    Thanks all,
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  2. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    Doesn't anyone have any home remedies or something that will help with any of it??? I'm so miserable right now!!!
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    NO CRANBERRY JUICE and I think the AZO has acid too.

    Lots of water with a little baking soda to try to neutralize the acid. I get in the tub with a pitcher of the water, a bunch of magazines/catalogues and take codiene. It always takes about 5 hours for my bladder to "release" and pee normally.

    PS. I know that tubs are BAD for UTI's but these bladder "epidsodes" require it for me.

    Hugs, Linda
  4. Scapper

    Scapper New Member

    I hope you're not still in as much pain as this a.m., but if so please get yourself some "EHB" made by NF Formulas. Works GREAT for UTI's.

    As storm mentioned, cranberry juice (concentrated form -- not with all the sugar additives), high vitamin C, lots and lots of water -- flush out -- as painful as it is you need to drink A LOT and just keep flushing it out of your system.

    Feel better.

  5. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    I've got the Acidophilus blend that I've started taking again since all of this started.

    I can't drink the cranberry juice because it's not good for the interstitial cystitis. I didn't know that until a couple of weeks ago and learned that from this board. It also gives me a bad headache for some reason (weird).
    I do have the cystex though. Sort of like the Azo but has both antibacterial and analgesic. I've found that one works better for me. I usually keep that on hand at all times.

    The doc called in Cipro instead of the Macrobid that I usually take, so I guess I'm going to try that. They called in Zelnorm instead of something for diarrhea. Thank God I had seen the commercial and read the instruction sheet first. Needless to say I didn't take any of that and called them back. The NEW pharmacy is handling this for me. (and not criticizing me for being on so many different meds - for those of you that remember the OLD pharmacy story).

    SPACEE - You should get a real giggle at my expense on this one.....are you sitting in the baking soda water or drinking it? How much soda to how muich water? I usually have to avoid tubs baths - they do this to me nearly every time, but I'll try anything if it can help.

    STORMY - I'm going to get the garlic. What about any essential oils in the bath water? Any ideas there? I have a pretty decent collection of those on hand..... Also, is it okay to take the acidophilus at the same time as the antibiotic? Are they combatting each other or do I wait and take them after the antibiotic and once the yeast is already driving me nuts?? Right now I'm taking both and I don't know whether I'm supposed to or not. I'm hoping the Cipro doesn't make the diarrhea worse too......

    So, now with the Cipro, I'm expecting another downward spiral like the one 4 months ago when I lost my job. It started with diarrhea, then bad UTI (not as bad as this one) then antibiotics caused raging yeast infection and bad case of thrush. Pain and other symptoms got so much worse. I just thought about 2 weeks ago that I was finally coming out of this huge flare, but now I'm afraid that I'm going right back down. There are days that I just get so disgusted with everything in my body going crazy at one time. It's a domino effect here again.


    Thanks all of you!!!! I guess you can tell that I'm pretty desperate at this point!!!!

    ((((((((hugs all))))))))
    and thanks to all of you.............

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