aaahhhh-feel better now LOL

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    not because people here need prayers tho. just so happy to hear you all are o.k. like i have no life and spend all day on this dang thing (kidding). i'm busy too i guess. laundry, dishes, (at least i did them today) now if i can get the strength to get in the shower..LOL--

    hubby finally got paid. boy can i make a meal out of a boot if i have..(did) to. groceries..:) .we are sooo broke. not whining, just venting. actually i consider myself an excellent cook and love to, so when you don't have anything to work with, i don't do too well. i made homemade bread yesterday, and my goodness...if you threw it on the floor it woulda bounced.hahahahahah <-----i kill myself.

    we are on the verge to filing the big B. but i called this nice man who is a mortgage broker he took 45 mins to explain things to me. i wanted to see if we can re-fi. no way. our credit sucks so bad (from not paying misc credit card bills), and we don't have that 80/20% equity to value thing yet.

    we are stuck between that "rock and a hard place". so they can't help even tho we have the same amount of bills owed that we have equity in the house. and this nice fatherly type at the mtg co. said absolutely no bankruptcy! so he referred me to the consumer credit counceling people.

    had any of you ever gone to ccc? they are sending me stuff in the mail to fill out. i know God is seeing me through all this research.

    prayers sent. babs, thank God, really, your son is still here. that is one thing that scares me. my daughter got drunk when she was 16 and ended up passed out by a trash bin by this hotel.....don't ask me....:) anyway ptl.

    angel..i have your message copied and happy to send it when you request LOL

    sunrise...:) praying nothing serious.

    mikie...hope all is well w/you. i didn't know you were sick goodness..girl you go thru it don't ya? yea things are ok for the boy..and what you told your daughter was right on target.

    looking for sandyz post
    love to you all