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    Sorry for my slow response it has been a hectic weekend.
    I take b-12 Injections. IM stands for Intra-muscular which is the injection method--into the muscle. I give it at the upper portion of buttock, as it is the largest muscle.

    I have been taking it for over a month now, and it has made all the difference in the world.

    I am now beginning a B-complex regime (injections also)
    The B12 I could immediately begin giving my self at home (I get the b12 vials and syringes at my docs, but they can be bought online, and at pharmacies also).

    The B Complex injections require that I get a few in the office prior to self administration at home. There is a very low percentage of people that have reactions to them, and this must be ruled out, as I have a long drive through the wilderness before I reach home from the docs.
    I am given the injection and then monitored for a half hour before being released.

    IBS sets one up for leaky gut syndrome, and I was not absorbing the B vitamins, and many other things. I have gotten my IBS asymptomatic now, and hope that in the future, perhaps my lining will heal, and the leaky gut will be resolved too.

    If you look up B12 Deficiency you will see that many of the symptoms parallel our symptoms. I am having very good success with it---the unrelenting, total fatigue has improved greatly, as well as many neural and cognitive symptoms.

    Best wishes, LL