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    Hi and thanks for answering my post the other day about Synthroid & Cytomel. I was just about to reply to you this past weekend when the board went down.

    I went to the sites that klutzo referred to, and took the Adrenal vs Thyroid quiz. I was definitely thyroid all the way down the list. And many of my symptoms were on the thyroid list, symptoms that my doc says aren't thyroid or fibro...just once again the answer "I dunno!" I think I am going to ask him to refer me to a new Endocrinologist because from what I read there and many other thyroid sites I visited while the board was down, I appear to be under-medicated for the hypo-thyroid...just as I have been saying for years! The numbers on the blood test don't mean anything if the patient still feels this bad, tired!

    I am not looking forward to starting with a new Endo, telling the long sequence of events, meds and such...just hope I can find one that understands the link between thyroid and fibro. Oh, how I hope to find the strength to just go through with it!

    Thanks again, maybe you started a fire under me and I will try again with a new Endo....Somebody give me a push???

    Soooo tired today! Brenda :eek:)
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    My PCP only does the TSH, I've asked him to do the T3 & T4, and as many tests as there are...but I don't think he is knowledgable enough on thyroid, as he says TSH is all we need to do! I only stick with him, the PCP, because he will continue to write the RX's that the specialists prescribe. I have found in switching PCP's, they always want to play with your meds...I've been down that road too many times and have wound up worse off because of it. I've only seen 1 Endo, hard to get referrals on an HMO, and that Endo did not beleive in Fibro, so that was as useless as he was Clueless!

    I need to get myself in gear and go get blood tests done, but I am still recovering from my Dad's open-heart surgery, being at the hospital w/Mom for 2 weeks all day, then hotel at night. It was hard on all of us (not just poor Dad!) as my Mom has RA, Fibro, & Shjogrens (sp?)...I was her only support system, and some great support system I am! But somehow, I found the strength to go-go-go for 2 weeks...then a HARD crash when we got him home 2 weeks ago. I have neglected myself, guilty of that too much, and usually late with blood tests...but as we say in Texas "I'm fixin to go" to the doc ASAP!

    Thanks for posting back...I was lost while the board was down...I need the nudge to get myself in gear!

    Brenda :eek:)

    ps...I'm headed for the shower so wish me luck, I may just dry off and go back to bed...so tired today (whining again!) :eek:)