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    I just posted to you under my original thread. Sorry, but I didn't see your post! PG
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    Pepper Girl 07/30/06 11:53 AM

    Sorry I felt left out. Is so easy to feel this way, like I have felt so much since I have had since.

    I too seen Dr.J. Loomer and I liked him also. He was the most understanding and compassionate Dr. of all of mine when my son was hit on his bicycle by an SUV at 55 MPH, and died instantly in April of 2004.

    He quit taking APl/IPA and only took Mercy Care due to API/IPA,s paper work and referral rules. I do miss him. He had told me that he had to cut his hours down due to his back pain.

    My Atty. P. Verrette said that I could not use him for my SSDI. He said that he was wishy washy. Maybe due to you having more concrete evidence than Fibro. you had better luck with your SSDI, or maybe your Atty. had a better
    raport(? on that spell) with him.

    I went to an Master Herbalist/Naturopathic Dr./and
    Hematologist at Warehouse Vat. on Orange Grove. He had me quit the supplements that I was taking and started me on a new regimen. It has been helping,-- but too soon to make thread of it and what he has me taking.

    If the health is still improving for a length of time, I will post a thread with info. if any one would be "interested".

    At the moment, this weather that we are having has been difficult. My pain is back bad since the regimen. So time will tell. He looked at my blood under a microscope and was even to see mycoplasmas.

    My PCP is not too my liking at the moment and I am looking for a new one, possible Dr. Jessop mentioned in the Arizona Referral List supplied by Fibromyalgia Network.

    Also, do you remember that KOLD news program featured
    "Living Pain Free" (not positive on title)? There was this place on Campbell Ave. I guess I could call Fibromyalgia Alternative Network on River Rd. for address and phone#.

    Love and hugs,


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