Abbylee??about your unemployment from the post to me.

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    Hi thank you for responding to my post about this. You said you took your Dr files to the unemployment office with you and you got it. I live in Ok. and they told me to file online which I did. They had several ?? on there about what had happened and why I thought she did it. I just told the truth. Then they ask me if I had any health problems or disabilities that would prevent me from looking for fulltime work I put down my FM,CF and depression. Then they ask me to explain it so I did. When I was thru they told me that if I can't actively look for work this could prevent me from collecting my unemployment. Of course I didn't know any better,I've never had to file and they don't tell you this till you've already put it in.

    It is a catch 22. On one hand I think I deserve it caused I worked for 8yrs.and have been put thru the ringer. On the other hand I feel like this might be a good time to file for disability and get it started. I don't know what to do. I know I won't be able to look for work and accept jobs like they want me to. They tell you if you don't look for work you can't collect your benifits. What is your advice for me. Anything is appreciated. Glad you got yours.

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    The reason I took my doctor documentation with me to the unemployment office was to demonstrate to the folks there that I had not been staying home for fun. I was very interested in keeping my job, and wanted the company, the unemployment folks, and everyone else that I know to know that I was going through a bad time healthwise and, given time, I hoped to improve and begin going to the office again.

    My employer didn't care and fired me anyway, but since I had the doctor info, the unemployment office agreed to let me have unemployment because I was fired through no intentional fault of my own.


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