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    Just read your post. My husband has sleep apnea for 12 yrs and now my daughter just had a study and is trying to get a cpap machine. Our Dr said "the best way to dx it is by the spouse" looking for gasping, snoring, etc when they sleep. does your hubby know he can have a heart attack, and damage other organs the longer he goes with out this?

    Prayers for you,
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    Carolyn, I've talked with him several times and he's in denial. He says he can't use the machine, but he's never tried so how could he know that he might have a problem with it?

    He knows how much he means to the people who know him, but he always puts his needs last and if I don't stay on him, he will continue to go when he's really sick.

    He had knee surgery several months ago, and was supposed to stay out of work for 3 weeks. He returned to work 1 week from the day of his surgery. The man's crazy. He goes as hard as he can every day of his life as he doesn't want to miss or miss out on anything.

    It's all I can do to keep up with him, and he really needs some rest.


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    I'll pray that he will give in and go to the Dr. My brother in law in ID, has sleepapnea and falls asleep at the wheel, and he's tired all the time. He has wanted one for a long time but has no ins. My husband found him one on ebay and they just got it today. It makes a world of difference in how they feel during the day. They don't fall asleep when they sit down, etc.

    He sounds like a great guy anyway!