ABC NEWS Clip and to all interested ,Thanks Shirl ,heres how

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    Thanks Shirl, For posting the info on my thread.I'm posting the how to info again in case others don't see the other one. Go to ABCNews (Edited to remove URL). At the top of the page Type in ABC News /Fibromyalgia/behind the pain .It was on tv on the 6th of March.It is quite a long bit of info . I was really inpressed with all that they said. Some things I did'nt even know and I've had it since 1990. I hope this helps all those trying to get to it .thanks again Shirl. God Bless Danisue
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    Hi Danisue~ I'll check this one out!Glad to see something on the news about Fibro!So many need to be informed of this debilitating disease.(syndrome?) Glad to hear from you!! I hope all goes well with your grant/schooling!!
    Thanks again,