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  1. caffey

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    Hello fellow Cannuck. I am from Ontario. I was reading your profile about your thinking of applying for CPP. I am assuming your plan is the same in Ont. We have ODSP(Ontario Disabilty Support Program) and the CPP. You have to apply for both. It is a given that CPP will turn you down on the first try. The other plan is much easier to qualify for and pays more money ( which isn't a lot). I applied and was approved within a few months. One of the things that worked in my favor was I was at the time unable to go to the office for an interview and they had to make a home visit and basically approved me on the spot without seeing the paper work. Hope that helps you a bit. It is a fairly easy process.
  2. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I'm in Alberta, but will check out what is availiable here. I'm not having much luck finding out about any kind of help. I just about completed the paper work, and gave my doc the rest. i did read it quite thoroughly and didn't read anything about having to apply for provincial, unless that is the unwritten rule. Cpp did not ask about my husbands income, which leads me to believe I should get it as I've paid into it(thinking positive). the only thing I could find provincially here is called AISH-Assisted Income for the Severely Handicapped. Maximum of 830.00$/month based on income need. Please help me sort some of this out! When did you start getting CPP. As you've read my BIG issue is 4 young kids and they're the ones suffering truely! I need the $$$ in order to get help p/t Nannie, and housecleaner. Thank you & hope to here back, Laura
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    Hi, I am in Red Deer.

    I don't think Alberta has anything but AISH and it is really hard to get. Canada Pension is the option. Hope you can get it. I had Sunlife for a few years, until they determined I was well enough to work. They never did have any of their Drs. see me in person. All my DRs. said I couldn't work, with OA and FM. I never applied for CPP as I was determined to go back to work. After so many years, you CAN'T apply, even though you paid into it all your working life.

    I HAVE gotten somewhat better over the past 11 years and was able to go to work PT. It is still an everyday trial, but I love being back in that world.

    Good luck to you with CPP.
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    It sounds like your AISH is the equivalent to our ODSP. I was turned down by CPP. They only pay I think it is over $500/mth. I was fortunate I had a social worker come in through our Home Care Program who did all the preliminary work and talked me through it and gave me some tips on applying. I know it isn't much money. I don't know how they think we can survive on it. The upside is that it pays for basic dental and drugs. Other stuff is covered with a deductible. A peice of advice. ODSP lets you keep a maximum of $5000 in your bank account and you can receive "Gifts " of money of $4000 a year without your pension being docked. CPP is way less. I was told by not told if you know what I mean to watch your bank account activity. Just stay low under the radar and think before you answer any financial questions. If you need any aids they check your bank account and base the deductible on how much money you have in it. I will look up that organization and see if I can translate it for you. Just don't be in a hurry to answer anything or commit to anything. Talk soon. Just re-read your post. They will not pay for cleaning lady or a nanny. But our home care program has a branch funded by the Long Term Care Act and they send in a worker once a week for 2 hrs. to do light housekeeping ( vaccumming, dishes, my laundry and make a meal) the criteria for this is they have to help with personal care i.e. help me have a shower. I looked up AISH Canada it popped up the Government of Alberta. It looks like our ODSP except you get more money. Just check it out and it should answer most of your questions. It looks pretty user friendly.
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    Hi Ab I am also Canadian and thought I would join this Canadian thread.

    I wasn't able to apply for ODSP because my husband works so we weren't eligible.

    However I did apply for CPP disability and got it first application. I know it is rare and I was told by everyone that it would never happen but I had a lot of help in filling out the forms properly.

    I wanted to wish you luck in your application.

    hugs Redwillow

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    Regardless, I've put alot of time into my application, and I didn't add that I also have a chronic migraine disorder, and something which is causing my vision to deteriorate. I am also in chronic pain unless I take narcotics, to which I could not safely work at all. I have also discontinued driving. Oh I also had a postpartum hemmorhage after last birth which was very much the fault of the nurses in my care (very long storey). I actually feel the trauma my body went through that night was responsible for what is going on since then(that is when everything went bad for me). If they want to make a deal about it, I'm up for the challenge. If i get declined I'll get a lawyer. There are new revisions to applying for CPP that allow you to have the time either spent at home to raise kids(or if you worked a little) deducted from the whole application timeline. That puts me back to when I worked full time. There is also an amount for children. I have 4 little ones. I can only hope. I've also written in boxes pretty ,much that I can do very little but feed myself and that my husband must do everything for me. I wrote that I was in the process of hiring a housekeeper and a nanny. My mom is going to pay for it for now. Yes, I have the most caring mother in the world! Wish me luck, and if anyone else has any words of wisdom, please tell! Thanks
    so much, Laura
    PS I have to go get copies of birth certificates for my younger 2. They require proof of your I'd want anyone else's. hahahah
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    I too got CPP on my first try but that was many years ago. The trick is to fill in that form thoroughly and accurately. I have also helped people fill in their forms and they have all got it on the first try.

    However, you cannot count on it and they are very, very slow so get your stuff together and get it in asap. If you are refused, grieve it. You seem to be really sick and have paid into it, so you will get it eventually, along with an allowance for each child under 18.

    Good luck. Ask for help in filling out the forms if you need it.

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    Thank you all for all the support & wisdom regarding the disability cascade. I'm bracing myself, and expect to have to fight for what i deserve. I hope you all have a great day. laura

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